Okasian Wiki – Family Life & Everything To Know About The Rapper

Okasian Wiki – Family Life & Everything To Know About The Rapper

One of Korea’s finest rappers, Okasian (pronounced ‘occasion), has been broadening his horizon at a very fast pace. Increasingly, people are getting the thrill of their life from the astonishing input made by the star in the entertainment industry. The Korean-American rapper and singer stormed the limelight in 2012 with his debut album Boarding Procedures and has made extensive efforts to stay relevant since then. In view of his musical exploits, it is only fair to afford hip-hop fans the chance to know more about him. Below are interesting facts about this talented personality.

Okasian Bio

He was born on March 11, 1987. Always inclined to music, Okasian would emerge the best rapper among his peers in high school and would gradually find himself attaining a great height in this genre of music. He later enrolled in college and studied Biology. While in college, Okasian started writing his own lyrics as well as recording songs. After his graduation from school, the rapper sought to pursue a career in music. He returned to Korea to pursue this dream and kicked off a career that has seen many good days.

Okasian belongs to The Cohort crew made up of Keith Ape, JayAllDay, Kangkook, Oscar Lee, B-Free, Bryan Chase, Coke Jazz, and AM.KAY. The Cohort was formed after Okasian was invited to join by Kangkook and a friend of his from New York. JayAllDay and a few others also joined the crew and it gradually became a major band in Asia. The formation of the group worked like magic especially as all of them had a passion for the same style of music. Like Okasian, some members of the music group make music while others are tasked with other responsibilities.

The rapper was first signed with Hi-Lite Records; this was after he made two mixtapes with The Cohort – Preseason #1 released in 2010, and Preseason #2 released in 2011. In 2016, he left the label opting to become an independent artist. Okasian later signed under The Black Label.

Okasian Wiki – Family Life & Everything To Know About The Rapper
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With the help of CB Mass, Okasian came up with his first Korean album. He also had help from American rapper Nas who aided the realization of his first American album. Okasian is popularly known for the hit single, It G Ma by The Cohort’s Keith Ape. The Korean rapper described as the star of the group is said to have discovered Keith Ape when he was a teenager. The song featured the crew’s JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian, and other members.

The track is said to have embraced the true concept of Korean style, unlike most Korean rap songs which tend to draw more insight from American music. The success of It G Ma further opened the rapper to more collaborations. The ace Korean rapper is known for his unique flows which he effortlessly releases while maintaining a steady balance and tempo.

What To Know About His Family Life

Okasian, whose real name is Kim Ji-Yong was born to his parents in the United States. His stage name Okasian is a combination of Ok and Asian which sounds like ‘occasion’ when pronounced. The South Korean rapper is also called Alexander Kim – his English name. When he was very little, Okasian was taken to Korea; he returned to America when he was old enough for high school – at the age of sixteen.

Other Things to Know About The Rapper

1. Not much is known about the personal life of the talented rapper. But reports have it that Okasian was in a relationship with Soo Yeon in 2015. It has not been ascertained whether the two are still together.

2. It G Ma has garnered over 60 million views over the years, further projecting Khiphop to the world.

3. Like most of his counterparts, Okasian has been involved in a couple of dissing with other celebrities in the industry. He had a fight with Dok2 after he undermined the efforts put into It G Ma. Alexander Kim had taken to Instagram at the time to clap back at the Dok2, calling him a ‘f**kboy’.

4. Okasian will hardly go anywhere unnoticed with his tattoo-clad body. The rapper’s arms are well covered with tattoos that always distinguish him from other crew members.

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