Olga Hepnarová – Biography, Parents, Siblings, Family, Facts

Olga Hepnarová is widely known as the last woman who met her death through execution in Czechoslovakia. She was convicted in 1974 and hanged in the following year. This was not out of the cruelty of the judge that presided over her case but for her act of mass killing on 10th July 1973 that claimed the lives of eight people. Prior to this event, she was discovered to have had mental problems and was in and out of psychiatric institutions, as well as jobs.

Born to a rather simple Czechoslovakian family, Olga had a simple childhood but would grow up to be remembered for her unstable mental health and murderous acts. She expressed no sign of regret when she was captured and interrogated, neither was she unaware of her crimes. The doctors ascertained that she was conscious of her actions.

At the age of 13, the young girl attempted suicide but failed. It was discovered that her reason for wanting to take her young life was because of the constant bullying she endured in school. Years later, Olga had a change of heart; she no longer desired to take her own life but the lives of those in the society who showed her bestiality; hence, her attack on 25 people at Plague, who she ran into with a truck.

Olga Hepnarová’s Biography

Olga Hepnarová was born in Pankrac, Czechoslovakia, on June 30, 1951. She was born to Anna and Antonín Hepnarová but nothing is known of her educational life. It is also not certain where she grew up. At an early age of 13, Olga attempted to take her own life due to the bullying she endured in school. This must have been some intense bullying to have resulted in such a resolve. After the attempt, her mental health was in doubt, hence, she was taken for a psych evaluation.

The doctors could not ascertain what exactly was wrong with her. Some diagnosed her with schizophrenia while others found some unhealthy traits such as nicotine addiction, detachment, vomiting, and apathy. She was admitted and hospitalized at Opařany for a while.

After she was released from the hospital, she began working different jobs. However, she never stayed long at any of her jobs as she was often fired. She later got a job as a truck driver which would turn out to be her last job. Records have it that it was at this point she began to explore her sexuality. She also sought love and companionship but found none. This, in addition to her previous bullying experience, made her begin to resent the world and sought for a way to punish it.

She came up with a plan to kill as many people as she can and decided that instead of killing herself and being remembered as an unknown suicide case, she would be known through history as a mass murderer. Her desires came to life on July 10, 1973, when she ran into a group of 25 people who were waiting for a tram in Prague. She succeeded in killing eight people, with three of them dying at the spot. Three others would die later the same day while the other two died from their injuries subsequently.

Hepnarová remained at the crime scene as she waited to be apprehended by the Czech police. She confessed to her crimes and showed no remorse of her actions. Prior to her arrest, she sent two letters to some newspapers, telling them of her intentions. They were titled Svobodné Slovo and Mladý svět.

She also stated during her trials that she had wanted to attempt a mass killing earlier but she felt there were not enough people. She was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging on April 6, 1974, but was eventually hung on March 12, 1975. She was the last woman to be executed in Czechoslovakia.

Family of Olga Hepnarová – Parents and Siblings 

No one exists as an island and in total isolation. Everyone stems from a family and has a lineage. This rule has no exceptions as presidents, lawyers, thieves, murderers and all kinds of people come from a family. This is also the case with the Czechoslovakian murderer, Olga Hepnarová. Olga was born into the family of Anna and Antonín Hepnarová. Her father was a bank clerk, while her mum was a dentist. She had a sister called Eva.

These are the only details about her family that is known to the public. It is not known if her parents are still alive or the whereabouts of her sister, as there was no mention of her family’s presence during her trial or execution.

Other Facts About The Czechoslovakian Murderer


Olga Hepnarová had a rather disturbing life; one that would be difficult to have been shared with someone else. However, love can be found in the strangest of places. Despite the truism of the latter statement, Olga is not known to have found romantic love until her death in 1979. She was not married before she died, neither did she have any children. However, there are vague accounts that suggest she explored her sexuality and was interested in both the male and female genders. No names of lovers have emerged to back up the reports till date.


Literature and Film

Many true life events are usually documented in writing and cinematography. Authors and writers sometimes modify real events to convey their understanding of the occurrences. The same has been done to the event that occurred on 10th July 1973. A book titled Oprátka za osm mrtvých was published in 2001 by Roman Cílek. It was about Olga Hepnarová’s life and death.

Prior to that, a book that gave a modified version of Olga’s story was released in 1991. It was titled Ponorné říčky and was written by Bohumil Hrabal. In 2016, a drama film titled I, Olga Hepnarová (Czech: Já, Olga Hepnarová) was released and shown at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.

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