Paigethepanda Bio and Everything You Need To Know About The YouTuber

Paigethepanda Bio and Everything You Need To Know About The YouTuber

Paigethepanda is a young YouTuber who has become rather famous for her Minecraft-related content. She was also growing in popularity as far as social media was concerned before she almost disappeared completely from the scene. Having done many collaborations with others YouTubers and excited fans to search for more info about her, here are the juicy details you must know about her.

Paigethepanda Bio

PaigeThepanda who is also referred to as page ThePanda was born in England on October 7, 1999. Even though it is known that she was raised in her home country, a lot of things about her like her real name and her family background have remained unknown. So also, nothing is known about her education.

She became famous on social media thanks to her YouTube Channel which she was said to have started in 2013. Even though the channel has somewhat disappeared, it was reported that she was able to build it to have over 40 thousand followers. In addition to that, Paige also collaborated with fellow YouTubers in a number of videos for various vlogs. She revealed that she started her Channel after she was encouraged by a friend who had let her in on the Minecraft pocket edition.

Apart from the social media, Paige ThePanda has also been known on the mainstream media following a rather unpleasant event between her and another YouTuber, Marcus Wilton, who is known on the platform and other social media sites as LionMaker.

Everything You Need To Know About The YouTuber

As pointed out, a large part of the things that are known about PaigeThePanda are things related to her social media activities, but what is greater than that is what has dragged her to the mainstream media, which is also one of the reasons why she has decided to maintain a rather low profile on the internet.

When she started out as a young YouTuber, she met LionMaker who also had a Minecraft channel. Marcus Wilton had over half a million subscribers at the time, and because of that, he was also promoting Paige’s works, encouraging people to check out her videos, and even subscribe.

In 2015, Marcus Wilton became a subject of various allegations on YouTube with people accusing him of sexual abuse. As it would, unfortunately, turn out, he was accused of using his channel to lure underage girls as well as share pornographic materials and other things that are inappropriate.

Paigethepanda Bio and Everything You Need To Know About The YouTuber
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More unfortunate was a confession he made in a tweet in which he revealed that he had had a relationship with Paige who was a minor of only 14 years. He went on to post nude pictures of the YouTuber even though they were soon deleted. In subsequent tweets, he claimed that the earlier tweets were from hackers who had hacked him.

Although LionMaker would deny that he had any sexually inappropriate relationship with Paige, it would emerge that he had also asked other minors in the Minecraft community to send him nudes. This brought both the UK and Belgian security officials into it as Marcus is from Belgium. This led to him being investigated for child pornography and statutory rape.

According to a friend of PaigeThePanda who spoke to Buzzfeed, she had traveled to Belgium with the help of Wilton when their relationship was still rosy. The whole relationship lasted four years and they got to meet three times in those years. At some point, her whereabouts were unknown and she was reported as a missing person in the UK. She would, however, later be found in Wilton’s apartment and taken back to the UK.

Because of the entire episode including his Twitter posts, Lionmaker was locked for up to 10 months in his home country as police continued with their investigation. In Belgium, it is allowed for security officials to detain one for a long time if there is the fear that such a person can tamper with evidence.

Social Media Presence

Even as she had a rather good social media presence before the entire incident, Paige has now maintained a very subtle presence on the internet, such that her exact engagement cannot be fully and accurately assessed as well as her followership.