Pamelyn Ferdin – Bio, Celebrity Facts, Movies And TV Shows

The name, Pamelyn Ferdin, has long vanished from the entertainment scene; however, there are still many who remember her for the notable contributions she made. She can best be described as an ex-actress, former director of public relations, as well as an animal rights activist. During her active years as an entertainer, she made appearances in a good number of movies and television shows. A plethora of drama series cast her in a leading role and she worked on many projects on the big screen include The Reluctant Astronaut.

Pamelyn Ferdin also functioned as a voice artist and voiced the roles of Precocia and Sally Murphy in the TV series The Roman Holidays and Sealab 2020 respectively. She also played a lot of guest roles on television shows. She left the acting world towards the late 1980s to work as an animal rights activist after having a brief time as a director of public relations in the 1990s.

Pamelyn Ferdin – Bio

She was born with the given name of Pamelyn Wanda Ferdin on the 4th of February 1959. Her place of birth is Los Angeles, California, which is an indication of her American nationality. Although we don’t have any information on the identity of her parents and their professions, her only sibling has been identified as Wendy Ferdin.

On her academic background and qualifications, her earliest education is not on record but she went to Herbert Hoover High School where she completed her studies, graduating in 1977. It is believed that Pamela Ferdin never went further for higher education since there is no public record of her attending any university.

Movies And TV Shows

Pamelyn Ferdin has a record of many television shows and movies starting with What a Way to Go! – a 1964 production where she made her TV debut at the tender age of four. Before the year ran out, she came in as a guest star on The Littlest Hobo – a TV drama. She also joined the cast as a guest star on both The John Forsythe Show and Family Affair before her role in the television film titled Valley of Mystery. The series popularly known as Blondie cast her in the role of Cookie Bumstead and she lent her voice to Lucy Van Pelt on the set of A Boy Named Charlie Brown which was released in 1969. Other shows she voiced include; The Roman Holidays, The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie and Sealab 2020. She was on the set of The Paul Lynde Show from 1972 to 1973, playing the role of Sally Simms. Pamelyn Ferdin also appeared in Lassie as Lucy Baker.

1974 saw her voicing a role in the TV series titled These Are the Days. A couple of years later, she got a guest star role on the show The Streets of San Francisco. Space Academy – a TV drama, gave her a major role in 1977 and she was also part of the flick titled The Toolbox Murders. Pamelyn was also on the set of Detention as the voice of Shelley Kelley and after a decade, she was featured in the television film Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas the Horse, voicing Christmas the Horse.

She took to the movies a couple of years later with roles in films like The Beguiled, What’s the Matter with Helen, The Mephisto Waltz as well as Happy Birthday, Wanda June, among many others. The Second Hundred Years, The Flying Nun, Gunsmoke, Night Gallery and Mannix are some of the shows where she guest starred.

Celebrity Facts


After she exited from her public relations job during the mid-1990s, Pamelyn Ferdin commenced work with the Center for Animal Care and Control based in New York City. The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty known as SHAC elected her as their president in August 2004 and a couple of years later, she got a 90-day prison sentence for offenses of trespassing and targeted demonstration which was staged within the vicinity of the home of an LA Department of Animal Services staff. She violated a court injunction and was consequently convicted for contempt of court.

Relationship History

Pamelyn Ferdin has the record of a single marriage behind her; she tied the nuptial knot with surgeon Jerry Vlasak on the 12th of October 1986. Their marriage endured for over two decades but came to an end through a divorce which was finalized in 2008. There is no record of any offspring from the 22-year-long relationship.


Net Worth

Throughout her career as an actress and voice artist, the animal rights activist was earning handsomely from both her physical roles and voice roles. Her net worth, however, has never been reviewed and cannot be pegged at any figure at the moment. Notwithstanding, Pamelyn Ferdin seems to be doing quite well for someone who has long left the acting scene.


Pamelyn Ferdin was found guilty of unlawful possession of an elephant bullhook (a tool that comes with a sharp hook – used for training elephants by poking them in sensitive areas) on the 11th of January 2000. She ended up doing 30 days for the crime.

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