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Pasionaye Nguyen is famous for being the mother of American rapper Micheal Ray Stevenson best known by his moniker Tyga. As the story goes, she single-handedly raised Tyga who grew up without a father figure in his life.

Pasionaye Nguyen Biography/Wiki, Net Worth

Tyga’s mother Pasionaye Nguyen was born in 1971. An Afro-Asian, she is of Vietnamese descent but holds American nationality. Her mom Kim Nguyen who was born in 1944 is pure Vietnamese. Pasionaye has a younger sister named Cece Nguyen. Not much is known about Pasionaye’s upbringing, however, her son Tyga upon becoming famous revealed that the family grew up in a low socioeconomic area of Compton.

However, in 2012, a video of Tyga saying he grew up in a rich home in the valley leaked online. In the video, Tyga said his parents even owned a Range Rover and that his mom named him Tyga after rich golfer Tiger Woods. However, it was later revealed that Tyga was just being satirical about in the video. Confirming this, Tyga tweeted a message saying;  “When u 14 and ambitious u don’t give a fuk about anything. Scripted tv isn’t that what we all live for. Hahahaha”

Tyga’s claims about Pasionaye owning a Range Rover made Tyga’s fans wonder what she was into and what her net worth could be. However, none of such information is available to the media.

Pasionaye Nguyen Married/Husband

While it is a known fact that Pasionaye raised Tyga all by herself, it isn’t known whether she was ever married to Tyga’s father, Michael Stevenson.

Reports have it that Tyga’s dad lived a rough life and had several run-ins with the law which saw him spend most of his time behind bars, away from his family. Though Tyga has never really spoken about him, he has made some tweets hinting his dislike for his father, like the ones where he said he learned more from Tu Pac than he ever did from his own biological father.

It not known if Pasionaye remarried another man after Tyga’s dad had ceased to be in the picture. Her son Tyga has posted several photos of her on his social media accounts but has never spoken about having a step-dad.

Thus, your guess is as good as ours when it comes to the relationship status of Tyga’s mom Pasionaye.

Pasionaye Nguyen Kids

The only kid of Psionaye known to the media is her son Micheal Ray Stevenson who was born November 19, 1989, in Compton, California. Pasionaye is no doubt very proud of her kid Tyga who has grown up to be a successful rapper, at a very young age.

At the age of 18, Pasionaye’s kid had gained fame thanks to his passion for music. His debut mixtape Young On Probation was huge enough to get him signed on to Young Money Entertainment. With Young Money, he created the collab album Fan of a Fan with Chris Brown. Tracks in the album featured other big names like Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, and Kevin McCall. The most successful track on the album was Deuces which peaked at No 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Pasionaye has been supportive of her son’s choice to do rap from day one and she couldn’t be happier with the rapid success he achieved. In 2014, She made her debut late-night TV appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Kimmel invited her to feature on his  “Words From Your Mother” series where mother’s of rap stars are asked to recite the lines from the son’s songs.

Pasionaye didn’t disappoint as she boldly read out the explicit lyrics to Tyga’s Rack City. Sh didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all.

The Rack City hitmaker has many times taken to his social media account to express his love for his mom. Additionally, he showers her with expensive gifts. He once bought her a Range Rover Evoque which retails for over $41,000.

Pasionaye also supports her son when it comes to his choice of women. When the media slammed Tyga for beginning a romantic relationship with a then-underaged Kylie Jenner who was 17 years, Pasionaye was asked to comment on the issue. Instead of joining the media to talk down her son, she simply said; “As long as Michael’s happy, I am happy.”

Pasionaye’s mom/Tyga’s grandmother, Kim Nguyen was more expressive of Tyga’s relationship with Kylie hinting that she preferred Kylie to Blac Chyna.

“We all love Kylie and think she is so much better for Tyga than Blac,” Kim told Daily Mail Online. “Yes she is King’s mum, but Blac just wasn’t a very nice person and Kylie comes from a much better family… Kylie is sweet, loves my Vietnamese cooking and she’s so much better for Tyga.”

Pasionaye is the grandmother of Tyga’s son with Blac Chyna who is named King Cairo Stevenson. He was born on October 16, 2012.

Pasionaye Nguyen Height: 5 feet 4 inches