Patrick Fugit – Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Patrick Fugit – Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth

The ever-moving machine that is Hollywood continues to churn out more failed actors and actresses as it takes in. They move to New York or Los Angeles from their various towns and cities across America and the world, with nothing but a dream to perform in front of a camera and see their names in the credits. For many, the dream takes too long to materialize, they give up and go back home, others hang in there, refusing to give up the dream. Those in the second group, sometimes learn they should have given up the dream a while ago, but more often than not, they end up in two categories – those who end up making it big and those who become B/C List actors, playing the dutiful supporting roles to the stars. At this moment in time, that is where Patrick Fugit lies. It remains to be seen if he will find that ultimate role that propels him to stardom.

Patrick Fugit – Biography

As mentioned earlier, aspiring actors all over America leave their homes in pursuit of a dream in the City of Angels. Patrick is one of such actors. A man with a dream, he left his simple life in Salt Lake City, Utah for Los Angeles to live a fantasy. Before he moved, he was your average boy in the desert plains of Utah. His father, Bruce Fugit is an electrical engineer and his mother, Jan Clark-Fugit is a dance teacher.

Patrick is the oldest child out of three. He attended his local community high school, East High School. The school, which is renowned for catering to the needs of mentally and physically challenged children, diagnosed Patrick with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The school, together with his parents, helped him manage his condition. He’s an October child, born on the 27th of the tenth month in 1982.

At the school, Patrick was encouraged to join the drama club as part of ways to manage his condition. He joined the school’s drama club and appeared in the club’s production of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. At school, Patrick fell in love with acting. He was in grade seven at the time.

After graduation, he pursued acting as a career. His first onscreen role was in 1997, starring in Touched by an Angel as Joey. He was a guest actor in two episodes. He was 15 at the time.

It is difficult to say if it is right to call it his big break, but Fugit landed his first feature role in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. His role in the film as William Miller, a young rock fan who became a reporter, was critically acclaimed although it did not match it with commercial success. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards but Fugit personally got none.

For the next 10 years after the film’s release, Patrick Fugit appeared in several films, albeit in low-budget and or independent films. He has starred in films like Spun, The Amateurs, The Good Life. Despite the critical success of his debut film, Fugit has not been able to leverage it for prominent roles in major film projects, until 2018, when he played United States Astronaut, Elliot See in the film, First Man about the United States Moon landing. Before then, the most notable works he had appeared in were Thanks for Sharing in 2012 and Gone Girl in 2014.

Outside of his modest acting career, Fugit is somewhat of a musician. He, along with his best friend David Fetzer formed a folk/rock band in Utah which they named Mushman. Fugit plays the guitar in the band and is an occasional singer.

Fugit is also an accomplished skateboarder. He has been skateboarding since he was fifteen.

So far in his career, he has appeared in 18 films and eight television shows. He has only one nomination to his name, from the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

His Net Worth

His modest film career filled with mostly small roles and low-budget films has kept Patrick’s net worth on the lower end compared to some of his professional counterparts. He’s currently considered to be worth $500,000.

Patrick Fugit – Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth
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Family – Wife, Is Patrick Fugit Married?

So far, Patrick has only been in one public relationship, with Megalyn Echikunwoke. The couple was in a relationship between 2012 and 2014. He is currently believed to be single.