Patrick Schwarzenegger – Bio, Net Worth, Siblings, Father – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Is He Gay?

Patrick Schwarzenegger – Bio, Net Worth, Siblings, Father – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Is He Gay?

Patrick Schwarzenegger can only be described as the proverbial chip off the old block but then, where else would you expect the son of the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to end up. Patrick was actually named after his iconic dad, his given name at birth is Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger, so fans will be really surprised if he had taken up another profession. The young actor honed his acting skills under the tutelage of his dad and made his acting debut at the young age of 10 on the set of the movie titled the Benchwarmers which was released in 2006.

Patrick Schwarzenegger has since left the shadow of his father’s fame and has gone ahead to make appearances in several other productions like; Stuck in Love which came to the limelight in 2012, he was part of 2013 Grown Up 2 and made an appearance in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse which hit the big screen in 2015. His most recent movie which is also his breakout role is Midnight Sun, a 2018 release that cast him in a starring role along with known stars like Kristen Bell and Bella Thorne. He was also featured as Romeo in an October 2013 music video titled Right There by Ariana Grande.

Siblings, Father – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Patrick came into the world on 18th September 1993 as the oldest son of the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger – a household name in the entertainment industry. Patrick’s dad was born in Australia and started his career as a bodybuilder and an actor there. After Arnold’s successful film career, he later joined the political train and emerged as the governor of California. Patrick’s mum Maria Shrivel who is a journalist, as well as a writer, is a direct descendant of the popular Kennedy family. Therefore through his mum, Patrick Schwarzenegger is a grand nephew of the 35th President of the US John F. Kennedy, his other notable grand uncles include Ted Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. Patrick’s maternal grandparents were Sargent Shriver- a diplomat and Eunice Kennedy Shriver- a popular activist. Patrick’s ancestry is a mixture of French Huguenot, Australian, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, German and Dutch but his nationality is American, as indicated by his place of birth.

The young actor was born and raised in LA California along with his siblings which include his older sisters – Christina and Katherine as well as his younger brothers Christopher. Patrick Schwarzenegger also has a younger half-brother from his father’s side called Joseph.

His dad Arnold Schwarzenegger played a big role in Patrick’s chosen career because he obviously followed in his dad’s footsteps when he played his debut role on the set of Benchwarmers. His dad also supported his business ventures, he is Patrick’s co-founder of his cloth line, a hip modern clothing company known as Project360

Patrick Schwarzenegger – Bio, Net Worth, Siblings, Father – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Is He Gay?
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Is Patrick Schwarzenegger Gay?

Patrick Schwarzenegger is not gay as the handsome dude has dated a few women in the past and is currently in an open relationship with Abby Champion. The duo has been an item since 2016 and has been spotted together on several occasions, besides, they are always taking joint holiday trips. On Valentine’s Day of 2018, they were seen having a good time as a couple and their recent holiday trip to Hawaii is public knowledge.

Before the commencement of his dalliance with Abbey, Patrick was in a romantic relationship with Miley Cyrus back in 2014 but by 2015, their love for each other disintegrated. His name was also linked to singer Taylor Swift and other celebrities like AJ Michalka and Tootsie Burns.

Net Worth

The young star has been earning handsomely since his debut in the entertainment industry. Although his annual salary has never been published, his net worth has been pegged at $1.5 million by a reliable source. A lion’s share of his wallet is expected to have come from his modeling and acting career, but the young entertainer is also a competent businessman.

Patrick Schwarzenegger runs a Blaze Pizza franchise and operates at the Groove in LA, he has since branched out to other locations like the University of Southern California where he is an alumnus, he also operates at the Staples Center. Patrick has gone ahead to establish in the clothing industry as he is said to have started his own clothing line called Project360 at age 15 with the assistance of his parents.