Paul Finebaum Wife, Family, Age, Salary, Other Facts About The Author

Paul Finebaum Wife, Family, Age, Salary, Other Facts About The Author

Spending days gathering information and then dispensing that Intel into a concise and compelling read could be both fulfilling as well as tiring. As for Paul Finebaum, an American sports television and radio personality, the blade has cut both ways. Finebaum is a top-rated author of sports pieces with the main focus in his career targeting sports in the Southeast of the United States of America.

Paul Finebaum Bio (Age)

Born on the 26th of July 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee. Paul was the second child born of his parents – Gloria and Benjamin Finebaum. His full birth name is Paul Alan Finebaum and he has an older sibling, a sister named Pam Finebaum. Paul attended the Christian Brothers High School in his hometown of Memphis. He also enrolled at the University of Tennessee and went on to graduate in 1978 from the institution with a degree in Political Science.

His journalistic career began from his days in college where he covered the affairs of Student Government for the college newspaper. Two years after college in 1980, Paul moved to Birmingham where he began to work for the Birmingham Post-Herald as a reporter and columnist. Between 1980 and 2000, some of Paul’s work were big stories like the sack of Auburn University coach, Terry Bowden, the recruitment of Alabama basketball player, Buck Johnson and other stories. Paul moved on in 2001 to write a column with the Mobile Press-Register.

In 1985, his career in radio took off when he started working for WAPI-FM. While with WAPI-FM, Paul worked as a commentator. He ran the morning show, Mark and Brian Radio Show and after that, Paul went on to host his own show on the same station. His contribution to the world of television broadcasting has been numerous. From 1998 to 2002, he was the sports director at WIAT-TV. On the side, he worked with WVTM-TV NBC 13 and ABC 33/400 as a co-host on some individual shows.

Finebaum began a working partnership with big sports news brand, ESPN, where he played a major role in Roll Tide/War Eagle, a documentary. His relationship with ESPN has seen him appear regularly on the network’s shows such as SportsCenter, Olbermann, and others. He was awarded a Sports Emmy along with other contributors on the show, College GameDay.

Aside from the career he had crafted for himself behind the mic and the cameras, Paul Finebaum has also a knack for writing. His most famous work is the popular I Hate… series. The series features books that were similarly titled with the ‘I Hate’ phrase. One such work includes I Hate Michigan: 303 Reasons Why You Should Too. He wrote a book about the show, HarperCollins. When the book finally got released, it made the New York Times bestseller list and remained there for the next five months. The very first run of the book sold 150,000 copies. Paul also has other published works like Finebaum Said -published in 2001, Auburn: The Postcard Book published in 1996 amongst others.

Paul Finebaum Wife, Family, Age, Salary, Other Facts About The Author
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Salary, Net Worth

Paul Finebaum has worked has been fortunate to work at the pinnacle of sports journalism for decades. He also has numerous written works credited to him as well. Though we might not know his exact salary, we know his net worth is estimated to stand at $ 2 million.

Family – Parents, Sibling

Paul was born in Memphis, Tennessee but his family had moved there from The Big Apple, New York shortly before he was born. Finebaum’s father, Benjamin Finebaum was an optometrist who passed away in 1971. Paul’s mother, Gloria Filderman Finebaum worked as a clerk at the IRS office in Memphis to support her family after the passing of her husband. Paul Finebaum had an older sibling, his sister Pam.

Married Life – Wife

Paul has been a married man but there is not much detail about his married life and family. He tied the knot with his wife, Dr. Linda Hudson in 1990 after they met in the Birmingham Complex where they lived. It is not clearer if the couple has or had any children from their marriage relationship.

Other Facts about Paul Finebaum

1. Paul Finebaum has won two Sports Emmys in his time.

2. The prestigious Columbia University named Finebaum’s Show as one of the winners of its annual ‘Let’s Do it Better! Workshop on Journalism, Race and Ethnicity awards in 2008.

3. In the December 10, 2012 edition of the New Yorker, Reeves Wiedeman profiled Finebaum in a 5,000-word article, titled “King of the South”. It was the publication’s first piece on a college football figure in over a decade.

4. The University of Tennessee presented Paul with the ‘Accomplished Alumni Award’ in October 2013

5. It was once said of Paul Finebaum once, “Paul Finebaum knows the American Southeast like Jay-Z knows Brooklyn.”