Penguinz0 Bio, Family, Girlfriend and Other Facts You Must Know

Penguinz0 Bio, Family, Girlfriend and Other Facts You Must Know

Although he is argued to be one of the funniest YouTube commentators with a dry sense of humour, Penguinz0 is really taking his shot to the top as one of the richest on the platform.

Also known as Cr1TiKaL or Charlie, the YouTube star is majorly known for his commentaries on various types of games tutorials and performing glitches on shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

His humour and commentaries are described as dry and filled with continuous use of profane words like “nipple” and “titties”, nevertheless, his viral YouTube videos which include “The Real Mighty Thirsty”, “The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary,” and “The Real Edge of Glory” has earned him over 2.1 million subscribers.

Here are a few facts you should know about Penguinz0 who often refers to himself as the funniest YouTuber of his time.

Penguinz0 Biography

Penguinz0’s real name is Charlie. He was born on August 2, 1994, to an unknown family in the United States of America. There is no information about his educational or family background but in his Black Ops” video, he claimed to have gone to school, perhaps in one of the US states. He also mentioned on Snapchat that he is in his senior year in college, although this has been considered as one of his numerous droll jokes.

Career Journey

Charlie started his journey to stardom in 2007 when he began posting videos on the YouTube channel. His first video commentary was on “gears of war jetpack glitch (NO Standbye or lag switch) AP” where he talked about the performance of glitch in the video game “Gears Of War”.

Although his video did not receive many views, the young commentator remained focused while making further plans to release more. He joined YouTube on May 7, 2007, at the age of 12, a few months after his first post. Among his new release was the video on a short series of videos attributing to Halo 3, Gears Of War Series and Bioshock and also his montage of his sniping in video games.

Penguinz0 Bio, Family, Girlfriend and Other Facts You Must Know
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Just as he has not been generous enough to give meaningful information about his educational background, Penguinz0 has also kept all information about his parents and other members of his family. However, he is said to be currently living somewhere in Florida.

Penguinz0 Girlfriend

The young YouTuber is currently in a relationship with a beautiful girl whose name is Tiana. Although there’s no much information about her because, according to him, she would not want to be known, it appears that his girlfriend is regularly on his “House of Caravan” stream.

Penguinz0: Other Facts You Must Know

1. His initial purpose of joining YouTube was not for money-making.

Like most YouTube stars, Charlie ventured into video commentaries just for pleasure. According to information gathered about him, Charlie was rarely happy with his life and to get himself out of a “compulsive disorder” that usually made him unhappy, he found the YouTube channels as a place of possible refuge. Over time, as people began to view and like his videos, he began to feel proud of himself. He also felt motivated to look away from his health challenges to do more meaningful things in his life. Hence, he began doing YouTube as a job and not just as a hobby.

2. His first touch with humour was in his “Modern Warfare 2 Ground War 1-20 Gameplay and Commentary” video where he intentionally posted a hilarious performance in playing a Ground War of Ream Deathmatch in the “Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer category. There, he repeatedly reigned insult on players who killed him while poking fun at himself.

3. in his “Battlefield BC 2 Hilarious Round Saving Destruction” video which was about an accident in the video game, Battlefield Bad Company 2, he referred to the incident as humorous and worthy of sharing. Following a growing viewership, he decided to upload more humorous moments and periods transpiring on the video game. He often intentionally uses sarcasm in expressing humour.

4. Charlie or Cr1TiKaL as he is popularly known was once signed with Disney’s Maker Studios where he starred in Funhaus gameplay.

5. His Five Nights at Freddy’s video talks about his experience when he was 19 years old. It tells of how he accidentally urinated in a girl’s mouth when he was getting a blowjob. Their relationship still continued despite that.

6. His name Penguinz0 was coined from penguin, his favourite bird. His favourite online game is Halo 2 while his favourite single-player game is Psychonauts.