Peter Gadiot – Bio, Wife, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Other Facts

Peter Gadiot – Bio, Wife, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Other Facts

Peter Gadiot is one name that should ring a bell especially with fans of the magical series called “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” For those who may be lost on this, Peter is also popular as the British-born thespian known for his works on television shows and movies. Other projects he has worked on asides from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland include; the UK sitcom “Fresh Meat,” the comedy-drama “My Spy Family,” among others. Read on for more interesting details about his career and personal life.

Peter Gadiot – Bio, Age

Peter Gadiot was born in London, the United Kingdom on the 2nd of January 1986. The names of his parents are Jules Maria Johannes Ignatius Gadiot and Aurora Gabriela Nava Gadiot(Quiroz). He was practically raised in the U.K alongside his elder brother(unknown). Though he was born in the U.K, he has a mixed heritage as both of his parents are from different ethnicities. His father has a Dutch heritage while his mother was born into a Mexican family. To this effect, Peter learned to speak both English and Spanish languages.

Due to his passion for the performing arts particularly acting, he attended the Drama center London where he was trained in drama. The training also afforded him the opportunity to act in a myriad of stage plays. His debut screen appearance was witnessed in the English comedy drama “My Spy Family,” a movie produced by Troy Falconi. In terms of movies, Peter Gadiot made his debut in Stephanie Moore’s produced film called,  “13th”. Furthermore, he got cast in the German Horror flick called, “Forbidden Girl.” The follow-up movie, “Hot Mess” came through for him in the year 2013.

In 2013, he had his debut on American television when he was cast to play the role of Cyrus in the series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. In the same year, Peter Gadiot was cast as Javier in the tv show titled “Freshmeat.” Also, he got the chance to star in the Canadian- American series, “Tux.” By the year 2016, he became a recurring cast in two highly popular series, “Supergirl” and “Queen of the South.”

Peter Gadiot – Bio, Wife, Age, Dating, Girlfriend, Other Facts

Personal Life – Dating, Girlfriend, Wife

Due to the lots of passionate roles he has played as a married man or lover boy, fans and enthusiasts alike have wondered what his real-life relationships would look like and who the lucky one would be. However, the star is yet to reveal or share any news concerning a date, girlfriend or spouse in his life. Also, he rarely addresses the subject whenever he is quizzed during interviews. He maintains that he prefers to keep his personal life private while focusing on his acting career. Hopefully, Peter Gadiot will get more comfortable with sharing such information about himself in the future.

Other Facts About Peter Gadiot

Net Worth

His financial records are looking great, a testament to all the hard work he has put into the industry ever since he launched his career. Though he primarily earns a huge payout from his job as an actor, Peter Gadiot tends to get a few speaking gigs from time to time which also reinforces his earnings. With all these and other concealed investments of his, Peter boasts of a whopping $1.4 million in net worth.

Humanitarian Works

Peter Gadiot happens to be an avid advocate for the end of slavery and human trafficking especially in the modern age of civilization. To show the extent of his involvement in this cause, he once took a crew with whom he rowed out on a boat across the Atlantic ocean from the Caribean to Africa. This voyage on the sea took them 39 days. He also completed this task by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On the successful completion of his journey for the special cause, Gadiot was then able to deliver speeches concerning the slavery menace to students from various schools. In addition to this, Peter was able to raise funds for Save the Children and Anti-Slavery International.

His Height

Given the fact that looks and body stature help an actor’s career in Hollywood, Peter Gadiot manages to score high on the looks department and he also has a good height to go with it standing at 5 Feet 11 Inches (180.3 cm or 1..803m).

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