How Old Is Post Malone, What Is His Net Worth and How Does He Make His Money?

How Old Is Post Malone, What Is His Net Worth and How Does He Make His Money?

Post Malone has made an indelible impression on today’s music scene that would probably outlive his career. Just within the space of a few years in the arena, he has released several chart-topping singles including his debut single, White Iverson, 2 studio albums, headlined his own tour, collaborated with some top guns in the industry like 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber and has also earned a stunning net worth of $14 million. Just how did Post Malone achieve a net worth of $14 million within three years in his career? Find out below.

Without much ado, let’s delve into details about the rockstar rapper with emphasis on his age, net worth, and how he makes his money.

Post Malone Age, How Old Is He?

The genre-bending musician was born on 4th July 1995, in Syracuse, New York. Named Austin Richard Post, he adopted Post Malone as his stage name when he was a teenager, about 14 or 15 years old. Apparently, Post is his last name while a rap name generator suggested Malone.

He had an early start in music, thanks to his father, Rich Post who introduced him to various genres of music. His father was a disc jockey in his youth and when he had his son, he took him under his wings, thus sparking his interest in music. Post Malone moved his music passion up a notch and added guitar playing to his repertoire of musical skills. He taught himself how to play by watching videos online.

His musical journey actually started when he started playing the guitar. As you will easily find, he auditioned to become a member of Crown the Empire band in 2010 but was rejected after his guitar strings broke during the audition. Post has come a long way since then and is now an award-winning artist with chart-topping releases.

What Is His Net Worth?

Malone’s journey to stardom, fame and insane success all started when he was a kid. He got interested in music thanks to his father who had been a disc jockey in his youth and who introduced his son to different genres of music such as hip-hop, rock, and country. Then, he got interested in playing instruments, especially the guitar. The popular video game, Guitar Hero is to be credited for his guitar love.

He went a step further by teaching himself how to play the instrument by watching DIY videos online. He also joined a heavy metal rock band in his high school, Grape Vine High School, which marked his initial foray into professional music. In 2010, Post Malone auditioned for the band, Crown the Empire but failed to make the mark because his guitar strings broke on stage. He eventually transitioned to softer rock and hip-hop and began to experiment with producing on FL Studio. Malone’s music style has been described as a melting point of R&B, country, hip-hop, and grunge.

 How Old Is Post Malone, What Is His Net Worth and How Does He Make His Money?
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When he was 16, Malone created his first mixtape titled Young & After Them Riches which he shared with his friends in school. They loved it and it, in turn, awarded him a little local popularity. In his senior year, his classmates voted him as Most Likely to Become Famous.

Post Malone announced his presence in the music industry with the release of his debut single in February 2015. He recorded the song titled White Iverson two days after he had finished writing it. It was met with rave success and brought Post to the attention of record labels, with Republic Records ultimately signing him later that year. He released the music video in July 2015 to even greater success and followed it up with his debut studio album, Stoney in December of the following year. The album was certified double platinum by the RIAA in October 2017.

Beerbongs & Bentleys (2018), his second studio album features guest appearances from Swae Lee, 21 Savage, Ty Dolla Sign, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy, and YG. The album’s first single, Rockstar featuring 21 Savage amassed hundreds of millions of views online and peaked at number one on Billboard Hot 100 chart where it stayed for eight consecutive weeks. Additionally, the album broke Spotify streaming records with 78.7 million streams worldwide, securing Malone’s status as one of the most popular rising hip-hop acts of the streaming era. It was also certified platinum just four days after its release on April 27, 2018.

Malone may be relatively young in the music industry but he is quickly becoming a sensation. The hip-hop artiste may still be young but he has generated a large following among fellow celebrities and fans, and a fat bank account as well. As of the time of this writing, Post Malone’s net worth is a whopping $14 million which will no doubt appreciate rapidly in the coming years, going by his history so far.

How Does Post Malone Make His Money?

Post Malone’s age has not stopped him from reaching for success. His career has been nothing short of amazing. He started out by just posting a song he titled White Iverson on SoundCloud in 2015, not sure anyone was going to like it. That casual outing became a hit and earned him a deal with Republic Records. It also took him on a world tour.

The American rapper has released one mixtape, August 26th (2016), and three studio albums: Stoney (2016), Beerbongs & Bentleys (2018), and Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019). Post also has a slew of chart-topping singles including White Iverson, Rockstar, Psycho, Better Now, Wow, and Goodbyes. His multiplatinum singles, Rockstar with and Psycho, featuring helped send his sophomore album to the top of the Billboard charts.

Additionally, Beerbongs & Bentleys broke several streaming records, scored number one around the world including the US and UK, and gained platinum certification in the first four days of release. It also earned him four Grammy Award nominations including awards for Album of the Year and Record of the Year. Post has also won two awards, a Billboard Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award.

Post Malone makes his money largely from his music career; record sales, videos, and tours. He has sold over 60 million records in the US. In 2016, he headlined his own tour, making an average of $243,000 per show in 41 appearances. Moreover, he made over $7 Million from record sales and tours in 2017. He now grosses half a million dollars per tour stop.