Primal: Release Date, Cast and Facts About Nicolas Cage’s Adventure Movie

The action-crime thriller, Primal is set to be one of 2019’s blockbusters. Although it is yet to be released, the trailer has whet the appetite of many adventure film fans who have been anticipating another unconventional movie starring . The trailer opens with Cage dressed as a cowboy screaming the words; “Take it easy with my cat”. The Cat he refers to here is not your regular home pet but a rare highly-priced jaguar which he intends to trade to a zoo for the right price. The rest of the trailer highlights the several tension-filled and high points of the movie. The trailer, as was intended, no doubt has established Primal as one of the movies to look forward to and here is what we can tell you so far about the upcoming film.

Primal’s Release Date – When Does It Hit Theaters?

The official release date for the film is the 8th of November 2019. It will be in selected theaters and on-demand. While other parts of the world would get the chance to see it in 2019, Primal is set to be released in the Netherlands much later on the 16th of January 2020.

The film follows the journey of a hunter and collector of rare animals as he ferries his priceless white jaguar to the United States only to be sidetracked by a political assassin being extradited to the U.S. who breaks free and also frees the jaguar and several trapped dangerous animals in the process. The hunter (Frank) stalks them feverishly trying to salvage the situation. The thrilling suspense-filled film is posed to be a success from all indications.

The movie was written by Richard Leder and directed by Nick Powell. This isn’t the first time that Cage would be starring in a film directed by Nick Powell. They worked together on the 2014 Outcast film which wasn’t much of a success. This time around, with the storyline and the trajectory of the cast involved, Primal promises to be a success.

Who Is In The Cast?

The main cast of Primal is Nicolas Cage who stars in the lead role as Frank Walsh. Cage remains one of the big names in the movie industry and fingers crossed that his star power can help make the movie successful at the global box office. Cage has featured in more than 80 films and has won 3 of the most prestigious awards (Academy, Golden Globe, and SAGS)  in the industry.

Cage’s character, Frank finds himself having to wrestle the wild big cat and the assassin. In addition to Cage, Primal also features well-established actors who are known for their sterling performances in the industry. They include; who features as Richard Loffler the assassin who escapes, evading justice. Durand who has featured in varying roles in several films which includes a good number of villainous roles is a worthy opponent for Cage and it would be great to see their chemistry together and how things pan out.

of the X-Men series appears as Dr. Ellen Taylor who is aboard the ship to monitor Loffler’s seizures. Janssen is a budding director who made her directorial debut in 2011. She has featured in several big productions and won several awards.

Other Primal cast members include Michael Imperioli, LaMonica Garrett, Tommy Walker, John Lewis, Braulio Castilo Hijo, Rey Hernandez, Sewell Whitney, Joseph Oliveira, Brian Tester, Jaime Irizarry, Drake Shannon, Sebastian Vazquez, Pablo Tufino, Daniel Salina Gonzalez and Jeremy Nazario.

Other Facts About Nicolas Cage’s Adventure Movie

  • Primal was filmed in Puerto Rico and should have been released earlier but the release date was postponed because of the Puerto Rico hurricane.
  • It is set to be released by Lionsgate Studios with a run time of 97 minutes.
  • Primal is rated R for language and violence.
  • During the promotion for the movie, Nicolas Cage described the movie as a very exciting adventure film with an original concept which he fell in love with when he read the script.
  • Cage’s Primal is not to be confused with Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, an animated TV series about a caveman at the dawn of evolution which premiered on the 7th of October 2019 on Adult Swim to rave reviews.

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