Princess Diana’s Death; Fast Facts

31 August 1997 was quite a dark day for the world as a whole, people all over the globe mourned the loss of a great woman. Princess Diana’s death took everyone by surprise and years after that her legacy still lives on in one form or the other. As much as we celebrate her life and all she did (and is still doing for people through her legacy), that’s just one part of the story, check out the other half here.

Princess Diana’s Death; 5 Fast Facts

Conspiracy Theories Are Still Being Built Around It Today

When the monarch passed away as a result of a fatal auto crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, France in ’97, some people took it at face value, while a vast majority had quite a few ideas about what could have led up to her death. Sure, we all know there was a car crash, but lots of people are curious as to how ‘innocent’ the accident was.

The black Mercedes S-280 was driven by Henri Paul and the passengers were Diana, Princess of Wales, her companion Dodi Fayed and his bodyguard Trevor Rees. Some say it was a planned attack due to the fact that Diana was pregnant for Fayed and was planning to get married to him at some point in time.

What is even more fishy is the fact the Lady Di actually predicted her death in letters  that she sent out to two of her friends, but that evidence was actually with held during the investigation surrounding her death itself. The theories are still being built on till date.

There’s A Small Chance That She Could Have Made It

Despite the fact that there was minimal damage to her side of the vehicle, Diana remained in the car for the total of 37 minutes and as a whole she remained in the tunnel for 81 minutes. Medical experts actually testified in court that if Diana had been removed from the scene of the accident on time, her death might have been averted.

The physician in charge, Dr. Jean-Marc Martino, wasn’t made to attend the official inquiry into Princess Diana’s death, so that yielded nothing .

The Initial French Investigation Concluded That The Accident Was As A Result Of The Driver’s Drunkeness

Apparently, the driver, Henri Paul wasn’t the best when it came to not drinking especially before driving. An inquest in London starting in 2004 and continued in 2007–08  attributed the accident to grossly negligent driving by Paul and to the pursuing paparazzi.

Prior to that there were a couple of testimonies and here is one that stuck out. The masseuse, Myriah Daniels, testified that Henri Paul had driven recklessly from the airport earlier in the day, ‘ With all due respect he was probably a very nice man but he was shit as a driver.’

From 1981 Until The Year Of Her Death She Was A Major Presence Worldwide

Not only because of her Princess status, but mostly because of the way she lived her life, Lady Di had what you could call a major presence on the world stage. None of her selfless acts could go unnoticed, mostly because no on would a royal to get involved in charities that don’t look to glamorous.

Until her death in ’97 she was often described as the world’s most photographed woman and believe us when we say that her brand still lives on. Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton still continue to develop her brand by supporting her charities and spreading love the way she did.

This Year Marks The 20th Anniversary Of Her Death

This is a special year for the Princess and all those who are and were touched by her kindness as it is to be marked by a year-long celebration of her qualities of kindness, compassion and service. Everyone is on board, including her children the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The Diana Award is at the forefront of making this a memorable year, according to Express, the charity which is established to promote the Princess’s belief in the positive power of young people, will commemorate her life with a range of events from the launch of a major international award, a groundbreaking app and a national Kindness Day.

In addition to that there will be an International Legacy Award given to 20 young people who have effected their world positively and as such have brought about positive social change. In an interview, Tessy Ojo, who is the Chief Executive of the Diana Awards said that the charity’s theme for the year was kindness, compassion and service, qualities embodied by the Princess.

So asides all the facts and rumor surrounding Princess Diana’s death, we are all looking forward to a love filled 2017 it is definitely time to practice and share the values she show cased everyday, spread the word.