Randy Moss – Biography, Career Stats, Wife and Kids, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Randy Moss used to be a professional American football player, widely regarded as one of the most remarkable wide receivers the NFL has ever seen. His athletic prowess helped him move from bottom pick to take the world of football by storm. His talent was so exceptional that in his first year, he was breaking records and catching more throws than already established big names in the sport, earning him the reputation of an enigma.

His career has seen him play for the Vikings before he got traded-off to Oakland Raiders and again to New England Patriots — where he broke and set new records, shocking everyone who thought his career was in decline. He transferred to Tennessee Titans and had his final season at San Francisco 49ers before retiring.

Randy Moss’s Biography

The football sensation was born in Rand, New Virginia on February 13, 1977. He went to DuPont High School, where he joined the basketball, football, track, and baseball team, excelling in all of them. Randy led his school’s team to several state football championship wins. Indeed, he was a talent to watch out for. He won West Virginia Player of the Year in 1994. Parade magazine named him in their all-American high school football team, and again in 2009 in their list of 50 greatest high school football players of all time.

Randy also competed in state championships in 100 and 200 meters race in record time in 1992, which he also won. Due to his standout abilities as a football player, Randy was fielding scholarship offers from leading Universities with upper-division college football programs like Notre Dame and Florida State University. Unfortunately, these scholarships were withdrawn on grounds of reckless behavior after he was arrested for battery and tested positive for marijuana use, which contravened the terms of his parole.

Randy went on to play for a subdivision college, Marshall University on scholarship, setting new records and leading them to a national championship.

Career Stats

Despite the fact that Randy was easily one of the most talented players in the game during the 1998 NFL draft, most clubs were skeptical about picking him due to concerns about his behavior. However, he was eventually chosen by the Minnesota Vikings in the 21st pick of the first round.

He quickly revealed himself to be a phenomenon in his debut season for the Vikings. High-level defenders in the sport considered him a nightmare. He received 17 touchdowns, setting an NFL Rookie Record and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. Randy went on to catch over 11 touchdowns, covering over 1,400 receiving yards in the next two seasons. In 2003, he reached a career record of 111 receptions, covering 1,632 yards that season.

He got traded to Oakland Raiders in 2005 and his career experienced a slump. In his two seasons at the club, he only scored 11 touchdowns. The Raiders then traded him to the New England Patriots.

Randy Moss began a whole new career chapter with the Patriots. For the first time in NFL history, there was a 16-0 scoring mark in a regular season. Randy caught 23 touchdowns, breaking a 20-year-old NFL record held by Jerry Rice. Randy reached a career-defining moment in 2009 when he caught his 141st touchdown, the second highest figure in the history of the NFL.

In 2010, he was traded back to the Vikings and appeared in only four games before being picked up by the Tennessee Titans. Randy retired in 2011 but returned in 2012 after the San Francisco 49ers gave him a contract. He made his second Super Bowl Appearance in 2013 before retiring again. He still remains involved in the sport, working as a football analyst on Fox Sports, and later ESPN. In 2018, Randy Moss was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Net Worth

It is no secret that sports pays very well. Although Randy Moss’ salary is not a matter of public knowledge, he is estimated to have a net worth of 25 million. While he is known to have other business engagements, a major bulk of his wealth came from his career as an American footballer.

Randy Moss’ Wife and Kids

Randy is not married, although he once had something serious with Libby Offcut for a long time. The two lived together and share at least four children together. This includes two daughters named Sydney and Senali, and two sons named Thaddeus and Montego.

As one would expect, his kids are very much into sports. Like their dad, Thaddeus is a footballer whereas Sydney plays basketball. Hardly can anyone tell what’s up with this Randy Moss’ love life at the moment.

Height and Weight

Randy Moss was nicknamed “The Freak” for a reason. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 210 pounds, he towered over most people and knew how to use his giant frame to strike terror in the hearts of defenders.