Raugi Yu – 7 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About The Actor

Raugi Yu may not be a name that is known to many people but he is a talented actor popularly known in the Canadian movie and theatre industries, where he has successfully forged a path for himself as an actor and acting coach. With a background in theatre, film, and television, Yu has continued to grow his career from one level of success to another, year after year.

Behind the camera, he’s is a lot more than a performer, hence, the essence of this article. The paragraphs below contain seven interesting facts you need to know about the actor.

7 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Raugi Yu

Raugi Yu holds Canadian nationality by reason of his birth in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on the 31st day of December 1963. Although there is little or no information about his family background and personal life, we learned he is of Chinese descent – his looks and name, of course, lend credence to this.

Raugi received his acting training at the Montreal-based institution, the Dome Theater. The center is known for producing top-notch performers. Upon graduating from there, he proceeded to Vancouver, British Columbia, from where he obtained his BFA via the acting program at the renowned University of British Columbia. Yu is friends with Vancouver-based actress, Selene Rose, who is also a prominent member of UBC Improv of Vancouver, British Columbia.

3. Theatre stint

The actor began his career by taking up roles in the theatre. In his budding years, he spent several years at Bard On The Beach in Vancouver, where he participated in numerous theatrical productions and also coached acting students. One of his notable theatrical projects is The King And I, wherein he portrayed the character The King Of Siam. The play was produced by Theatre Under The Star in 2002. His stint in theatre lasted until the late 1990s when he began appearing on television.

The actor reportedly kicked off his coaching career during his theatre days. In 2010, it was reported that Yu works as an acting coach at New Image College of Fine Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia. The actor also teaches youths between the ages of eight and eighteen at the summer Young Shakespearian program.

In addition to acting and coaching youths who aspire to be actors, Raugi also banks as a director. In the spring of 2008, he was hired by the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre company to direct the film, The Odd Couple, the result of which was nothing short of superb.

Mr. Young is a Canadian web series that ran from March 1, 2011, to November 28, 2013. Raugi had a recurring role in the series, wherein he played Dang, the twin brother of Ding, as well as a janitor who works for Finnegan High School. Yu is more of a TV guy, having invested much of his time and talent on TV than films. His credits include Arrow (as Asian Driver, 2013), JPod (as Kam Fong, 2008), Da Vinci’s Inquest (as Constable 2002–2004), The Sentinel (as Monk, 1998), Eureka (2007), Masters Of Horror (2006, Intelligence (as Henry Yu 2006), Dead Like Me (as Raugi, 2003) The Cramp Twins (as Wendy’s Butler, 2005), Dark Angel (as Ticket Taker, 2001) Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat – Cook (2001), The Dead Zone – Michael Nazawa (2003, 2004), The Evidence (as CSU Cop, 2006), and many others.

His film roles are Vice Principal Roy in the 2010 American comedy film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Drama Trainer in the 2010 American comedy film, Marmaduke. The movie, which is directed by Tom Dey, is an adaptation of American cartoonist Bradley Jay Anderson’s comic strip of the same name.


7. Family facts

Yu is not only a performer and showbiz multi-hyphenate, but he is also a proud father of kids, whom he shares with his wife. We were able to come up with this fact after coming across a message he shared on Twitter on May 2012, telling his fans that he was having fun at Parkland with his wife and kids. However, he’s yet to reveal the names of his wife and kids, as well as the year he got married to his sweetheart.

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