Ray Liotta’s Most Recent Works, Family and Plastic Surgery Disasters

Ray Liotta has been around as an actor, voice actor, and film producer since 1980. Over a hundred movies, TV series, and several voice roles later, he is still there as a great thespian with a lot of followership. Just as he has maintained a high profile professional life, the GoodfellasKilling Them Softly, and Shades of Blue actor has also had a very interesting personal life. So, let’s use this opportunity to get to know about him in these respects.

The Background To Ray Liotta’s Movie Career

Even though the actor has come to be popular as Raymond Allen Liotta, it was as Raymond Julian Vicimarli that he was born on December 18, 1954, in Newark, New Jersey. Of Scottish descent, he was adopted when he was only six months old by Mary Liotta and Alfred Liotta who brought him up alongside an adopted sister, Linda Liotta who is of Italian descent.

Since he was a child, Ray knew he was adopted, but it was until the 2000s that he was able to meet his biological mother. He then realized that he has a sister and six half-siblings.

Liotta who grew up in a political family that attended the Roman Catholic Church went to Union High School in New Jersey. After he graduated, he moved to the University of Miami from where he earned a Fine Arts degree.

His first role as an actor came in 1980 when he was given minor roles in Hardhat and Legs and Another World. His first major role came in 1983 in The Lonely Lady and then in 1986, he appeared in Something Wild, making him wildly famous and landing him a Golden Globe Award nomination.

By 2018, he had already appeared in over a hundred productions including Unlawful Entry (1992), Phoenix which he co-produced in 1998, John Q (2002), Kill the Messenger (2014), and Alone (2018).

He has likewise done voice acting for The Simpsons, The Making of the Mob, Abominable Christmas, SpongeBob SquarePants, Family Guy, and Frasie.

What Do We Know About His Family And Relationships?

Ray Liotta has had more share of relationships in his life than many would have in two lifetimes. He has dated more women than you can count with both hands and has been married once.

The actor got married to American actress and teacher, Michelle Grace in 1997. The following year, the couple worked together in the HBO TV film The Rat Pack where Ray starred as ‘Francis Albert Sinatra’ (Frank Sinatra) while Michelle portrayed Judith Campbell Exner. They had a daughter named Karsen before they called it quits in 2004.

Before her marriage with Ray though, Grace had already married former Major League Baseball player, Mark Grace and got divorced 4 years before her next marriage. Although the marriage seemed to have much promise, it did not get to survive more than four years before it ended in a divorce. And, it may interest you to know that it was at Mark Grace’s game that Michelle and Ray met and hit the ground rolling.

As for Ray Liotta himself, he dated some other women before Michelle. For instance, in 1980, he was linked to Susan Keith and then Heidi Von Beltz the following year. The actor remained with Beltz until 1982. He began yet another relationship with Michelle Johnson in 1991, followed by Sherrie Rose between 1991 and 1992. He once also dated Vicky Dawson although we can’t put a time to it.

After the end of his marriage also, the actor got into a number of relationships such as with Donna Puzio and Jill Marie Jones before coming to have one with Catherine Hickland that would last four years until 2011. He was also rumored to be having relationships with Lady Gaga and Whoopi Goldberg. By 2018, he was dating Silvia Lombardo. But, at the time of filing this report, we cannot be sure if this relationship still lasts or if the women’s man has found another love.

Beyond his achievements as an actor and every other thing, Ray Liotta said what gives him the most fulfillment is his role as a father to his daughter, Karsen Liotta who was birthed to him by his ex-wife, Michelle Grace in 1998.

Is He Gay?

Since 2016, there have been many people asking whether or not the Goodfellas actor is gay. The question is not completely out of place, having been seen kissing a guy in TV series Shades of Blue. That was the first time he is kissing a guy on set as he played the role of a bisexual police officer. But then, that was also the first time that he has ever kissed a man in his life as he is neither gay nor bisexual. In fact, after playing the role, the actor said he found it rather odd. This is even as he said he had no prejudice against homosexuals.

Did Ray Liotta Really Undergo Any Cosmetic Procedure?

Sometime before 2016, the thespian’s fans began to notice that his face was looking radically different than before. So, the speculation went rife that he had done Botox while other people said it was a facelift. Although he completely denied ever going under the knife, the fact is that his appearance has clearly been ruined by whatever transpired as his face has become strikingly taut – and, for many people, weird – while his brows have undeserving age written all over them.

The question remains, “did Ray Liotta undergo plastic surgery?” Most of his fans insist he did. And many have expressed their disappointment in him for attempting that. But others seem to understand that the fear of aging in a business that depends so much on one’s personal appearance was to blame. Yet others blamed it on pressure from some fans who keep inspecting his face and making complementing comments about any sign of age noticed.

Yet, Here Are His Latest Movies

Cosmetic surgery or not, Ray Liotta seems to be unperturbed by all the noise going on about him across the web and the world. He still carries on with his romance after romance as we have seen. Then, he keeps receiving one movie role after another.

He had a supporting role as ‘Jay Marotta’ in the 2019 comedy-drama film Marriage Story. Before then, in 2018, he appeared in an episode of the NBC sitcom Great News as himself. In 2018 also, he supplied the voice role of ‘Morty Szyslak’ in the FOX animated sitcom The Simpsons. Between 2016 and 2018, he also portrayed ‘Lieutenant Matt Wozniak’ in the NBC crime drama series Shades of Blue, appearing in 36 episodes.

In 2017, Ray Liotta had played ‘Paulie Fiuccilo’ in an episode of the Netflix sitcom The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and ‘Vincent’ in an episode of the CBS comedy Young Sheldon. He was ‘Jack’ in the 2016 drama film Sticky Notes. That same year, he was ‘Uncle Reed’ in the comedy film Flock of Dudes.

He also has a couple of roles that are yet to be unveiled at press time such as in the 2020 crime drama film The Many Saints of Newark as well as in the film Broken Soldier where he is billed to appear as ‘Mr. Ancilla’. He is also to have a role in the comedy films El Tonto and Hubie Halloween.

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