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The first thing that comes to mind when the name Rebecca King-Crews pops up has to be the one and only Terry Crews -the very one who cracks you up with his comic body language and wits.

The reality show ‘The Family Crews’ showing the daily lives of the entire family of Crews features the mother ‘Crews’ herself -Rebecca, wife of Terry and mother of their five adorable children. She has also done many productions of which she was the executive producer.

Rebecca is a gospel singer and also inspirational speaker. She is among one of the many sought-after lecturers and speakers when it has to do with fame, youth, and family. The mother of five has a way of bringing humor and insights to her audience with a pinch of her religious faith.

Rebecca King-Crews Biography/Parents

Rebecca was born to an interracial couple in Benton Harbor, Michigan, the United States of America on December 24, 1965. Rebecca who grew up in a Christian family is of the Afro-American ethnicity and is an American national. People often mistake her to be of white heritage as a result of her skin color but she is indeed an African American.

She was brought up in Gary, Indiana where she did her schooling from different schools. Rebecca graduated from Lew Wallace High School as the topper of her batch. In 1984, While at Lew Wallace school, She Was Crowned Miss Gary, Indiana, when she was 19 years old. Throughout her high school and college days, she appeared in many theater acts like The Wiz, Oklahoma, and Music Man.

She went further to pursue her musical career at Western Michigan University where she performed in different plays and musical performances.

Rebecca worked as a producer for a reality show about her family’s life ‘The Family Crew’, which premiered on BET. The show which was acted by the whole family of Crew showed their daily lives.

However, the show had finished in 2011 with no explanation. Rebecca is a well-known person in Hollywood. She has done many productions in the television industry.

She got her first acting experience in 1996, when she appeared in TV series “E! True Hollywood Story”. She then played in another project “The Wendy Williams Show”. Rebecca appeared on “The Mo’Nique Show” with a minor guest role.

She also has appeared in many fashion magazines which include “Today’s Black Woman”, “Heart and Soul”, “Jet”, “Television Guide” and “Reality Magazine”. She is also involved in different charities in the Christian community.

Kids and Family

Rebecca’s personal life which the media has strong grips on is her relationship with an American actor and former American football player, Terry Crews.

Rebecca got married to Terry Crews on 29th July 1990 and the couple has been happily married since then. Through thick and thin Rebecca and her husband have stuck with each other.

Rebecca who met Terry during her college days has been a great support to her husband, being a source of inspiration and encouragement to him throughout and after his sports career.

The beautiful mother of five has had to put up with Terry’s addiction to p*rnography and depression. This was revealed in a shocking autobiography of her husband ” Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One” where Terry opened to the public his personal life juicy details like the long-standing addiction to p*rnography, which seriously impacted his marriage and his own life.

In 1989, a year before marrying Terry Crews, Rebecca had a daughter named Naomi. During one episode of the family’s reality show, unmarried Naomi tells Terry and Rebecca that she’s pregnant. Naomi, gave birth to a girl whose father is Charles Burton, making her mother Rebecca a grandmother.

Rebecca and Terry are parents of four children together. Besides Rebecca’s older daughter Naomi, she also has three daughters Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey and one son Isaiah.

Rebecca King-Crews Net Worth

With her engagements in the entertainment world, Rebecca is not below average financially. Her total net worth and salary are not disclosed by any source, but Terry’s is about 20 million dollars.

Her good family upbringing has helped her in her role as a career woman and a mother, as she has been seen as a role model by many.

She has been requested to be in charge of various charities in the Christian community. Rebecca KIng-Crews has spoken at the Uniquely You Summit which was held in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Maryland, and the Heart and Soul Awards in Baltimore, the Well Done Award which was in New York City, The Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida, etc.

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