Red Velvet Members Profile and Everything You Need to Know 

Red Velvet Members Profile and Everything You Need to Know 

Since its inception, the K-pop music genre has churned out notable domestic and internationally recognized names that transcend the gender category. Of such recognized brands is the 5-member all-girl group Red Velvet. Formed in 2014 by SM Entertainment, the girl band has taken their native South Korea and subsequently the world by storm, releasing 2 studio albums and numerous hit singles, and attracting critical acclaim for their versatility, music, choreography, and stereotype-shift.

Red Velvet has been notable for producing chart-topping hits like “Ice Cream,” “Russian Roulette,” “Bad Boy” and “Red Flavor”. Their dual concept of one-half, youthful, eccentric, and vibrant “Red” and the other half; mature, mellow “Velvet” has influenced their music kind, earning them wide praise from various parts of the world.

Recipients of several awards to include the Golden Disc New Artist Award in 2015 and the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Female Group in 2017, Red Velvet is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most successful girl groups.

Red Velvet Members Profile

The South Korean K-pop group started out as a four-member band of Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Wendy. Yeri became its fifth member after joining the group in March 2015. Here is a closer look at the profile of each member of the group:


Red Velvet Members Profile and Everything You Need to Know 
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Seulgi was born Kang Seul Gi on February 10, 1994. She is the first Red Velvet member to be cast by SM Entertainment during public auditioning in 2007. She is one of the group’s lead vocalists and dancers too. 5’5″ tall Seulgi co-host the TV show competition Idol Battle Likes and with groupmate Wendy, they released a song in 2016 for the KBS 2 drama Uncontrollably Fond.

Seulgi attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts and has orange as her favorite color.


Red Velvet Members Profile and Everything You Need to Know 
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Irene who turned 28 years of age in March 2019, was born Bae Ju Hyun on the 29th of March 1991. She attended Hakman High School in Daegu South Korea and was the second member of the Red Velvet. In the group, she positions herself as the main rapper, leader, and dancer. She is best friends with groupmate Seulgi and they may have met in the group. She’s had an acting stint in the online drama Women At A Game Company and has co-hosted the South Korean music show Music Bank with known actor Park Bo Gum. Though shy, she’s considered the most versatile member of the group.


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Lead group vocalist Wendy was born Song Seung Wan on the 21st of February 1994, to her parents and an older sister. She attended Shattuck Saint Maria Mary School and started showing an interest in singing at age 5. Wendy excelled in her academics while studying in Canada. She became the third Red Velvet member with Joy during SM Entertainment’s auditioning in Canada. Like the other group members, she is multi-talented, hosting shows, and able to speak 4 different languages including English and French. She’s considered one of Red Velvet’s wealthiest members.


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Joy was cast alongside Wendy in the Canada auditions. She is one of the group’s rappers. The only member to have signed up with the program We Married, Joy has tried being on Miss Korea and has been cast in other acting roles. She and Yeri were schoolmates in Art school and she pegs Ariana Grande as her favorite artist.

Joy was born on the 3rd of September 1996 as Park Soo Young.


Red Velvet Members Profile and Everything You Need to Know 
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Yeri (Kim Ye Rim) was born March 5, 1999, making her the youngest member of the group and also the last member to join. She attended Hanlim Multi Art School and gained appeal after hosting the music show Songs Core. She’s considered the most outgoing group member with pink as her favorite color.

Other Facts You Should Know About the Girl Group

1. The Red Velvet members are the first K-Pop girl group to send their maiden single to the Billboard Charts and have it reach number 4.

2. As a group, the K-Pop girls have largely considered SM’s Digital Monsters thanks to their talents and numerous joint commercial advertising deals.

3. They held their first US performance in August 2015 at the yearly KCON music festival in Los Angeles

4. The video for their highly successful single “Dumb Dumb” made the only non-English language entry in Rolling Stones “10 Best Music Videos Of 2015”

5. They have gone on to star in television and their reality TV show.

6. Time magazine named Red Velvet Members as one of the best K-pop groups, in February 2018.