Richard Simmons Net Worth, Where Is He Now, Is He Gay, Dead Or Alive?

Richard Simmons Net Worth, Where Is He Now, Is He Gay, Dead Or Alive?

Not many people know that fitness guru Richard Simmons was actually overweight and frustrated by fad dieting during his formative years. His career as a fitness expert was well informed by his youthful experience and he has since created a handful of aerobic DVDs, books and above all, he founded the Richard Simmons Fitness gym to aid people who desire to lose those extra pounds.

Throughout the duration of his fitness career, Richard has continued to preach health and fitness through the few means he created, he appeared on television shows and even launched his own private TV program known as the Richard Simmons Show. He experienced a shift in focus in 2008 and became active on the political front, Richard was all in favor of a political bill called the No Child Left Behind Act with a focus for public schools to make physical education non-competitive.

Where Is Richard Simmons Now, Dead Or Alive?

Richard made his last public appearance in February 2014 and after a couple of years in March 2016, people started speculating that the fitness dude was held hostage in his own house by his housekeeper. Richard himself denied the rumors through an audio interview which was broadcast on Today Show on the 14 of March but then, without any public announcement from him, Simmons Fitness Gym closed down in November that same year. His unannounced disappearance gave rise to a podcast titled Missing Richard Simmons which triggered investigations into his abrupt exit from the public eye in February 2017.

The rumors and speculations brought the LAPD detectives to the fitness guru’s home in March 2017 and after carrying out a welfare check, they issued a statement with the claim that Richard was hale and hearty and whatever he wants to do with his time is absolutely his business. Sequel to his hospitalization for a case of severe indigestion, Richard made a post on Facebook on April 19, 2017, with the caption “I’m not ‘missing, just a little under the weather” but people claimed that the post might have been made by someone who is impersonating him since the photo used in the post was somewhat old.

Richard Simmons Net Worth, Where Is He Now, Is He Gay, Dead Or Alive?
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Another facet of the speculation claimed that he disappeared to undergo a gender reassignment surgery which resulted in a court case between Richard and some media outlets. From all indications, the fitness freak seems to be alive and kicking because, in June 2018, he made a lawsuit against a Los Angeles private investigator for planting tracking devices in his vehicle. He even surfaced the next month to amend the suit, claiming that the investigator was working for In Touch Weekly.

Is Richard Simmons Gay?

The numerous questions surrounding Richard’s sexual orientation will surely find answers in his weird behavior and way of living. According to the fitness boss, he has a lot to offer to people but doesn’t have lots to offer a single person, which surely is equivocal. Besides, he lives alone with just two-house staff and three Dalmatians. His manner of living has called his sexuality to question, but, on his own part, he has never disclosed his sexuality openly, so we cannot categorically say if he is gay or straight.

Apart from the fitness icon’s way of life, his age is another fact that had people speculate that Richard may not be straight after all. According to their calculations, it doesn’t make much sense that a septuagenarian is still single and has never had any past record of a love relationship with the opposite sex. Moreso, word on the street had it that in 1992, he was involved with a Swiss porn star called Daniel Holt. His name was also linked with gay hustler Bruce Headrick in the 80s.

Even when Richard dropped out from the public eye in 2014, rumors ran rife that he was undergoing reconstruction surgery targeted at gender reassignment. In fact, Richard had to sue American Media, Inc., National Enquirer, and Radar Online who championed the news for libelous publications, he later lost the suit when the court struck out the case, ruling that misidentification of a person as transgender is not actionable defamation and has no damaging effect.

Net Worth

The fitness guru has amassed a mouthwatering net worth of $15 million as confirmed by reliable sources. His salary is unknown but his net worth is believed to have been accrued mainly from his fitness business and the television and radio shows he had in the past