Rihanna Shoe Collection With Manolo Blahnik, Feet And Shoe Size
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The second Rihanna shoe collection (the Puma range took the top spot) is being created in collaboration with the renowned designer Manolo Blahnik. Apart from the high price tag ($895 – $3,995), which has become a little smoky, the shoes made entirely of denim are amazing. Fans who can’t afford their denim dessert shoe collection, as it’s called, can opt for their Fenty Puma collection, which was her debut as creative director for the Puma women’s line – one piece costs $180. The 28-year-old pop and R&B singer is very enthusiastic about her shoe collection is well received by the public – in an official statement the Work crooner said: “The day I see a woman in the street wearing my shoes… I feel sorry for this woman because I will run after her and shout: ‘Stop! Selfie! Who the hell are you? Where’d you get ’em? I’ll have a moment!”

Riri announced this new collaboration less than a month after presenting her first cougar collection at NYC Fashion Week, which included a range of sneakers – loafers, laces, and high tops. Rihanna’s new shoe collection would include a total of 45 pairs, which will be distributed at the above locations. Rihanna’s Puma collection sold out before you could say WORK, and the same is expected for this collection, despite the rather outrageous price tags that would mean nothing to a variety of Riri loyalists.

Just a few highlights to remember on Rihanna Shoe Collection

(1) Rihanna works with the renowned designer Manolo Blahnik and focuses on a limited edition of a collection of high-heel shoes.

(2) The collection is called Denim Desserts and would include 6 different shoe models, including strappy mules, thigh-high boots and strappy sandals.

(3) Rihanna intends to sell all of its shoe collections from May 5th in Manolo Blahnik boutiques in NYC, London, and Hong Kong at prices ranging from $895 to $3,995.

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Here are four of the six different shoe styles by Rihanna

According to Rihanna, this thigh-high denim boot, alias Trouble, starts with a pointed toe with an excellent crystal trim on the top. This shoe with a high heel is fastened with a special belt with the characteristic sparkling buckles, exclusively made by Manolo Blahnik.

The Dancehall Cowgirl Bootie is made of denim and with western-inspired beadwork. It has a cute lace up front for comfort.

The Rih-vi sandals are made of dark washed denim and have some cute beadwork on board.

The Sea Salts shows a pointed mule with a shimmering sequin pattern.

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Rihanna Shoe Size And Feet

Like most Hollywood beauties, Bad Girl Riri has very beautiful feet. She also enjoys a 5-star foot rating on the wikifeet.com website for feet. Riri has a few tattoos on her feet, but the most striking is the Egyptian eagle, which is drawn in the shape of a handgun. The singer wears shoe size 9 (US), which is a little too high, but still amazing. Riri’s shoe collection is dominated by strappy sandals, with which she has been spotted countless times on and off the red carpet.