Rob Reiner Biography, Net Worth, Children, Wife and Family Facts

Rob Reiner is a veteran American actor and film producer who has equally made giant strides as a writer as well as film director. He rose to the mainstream following his remarkable role in the 1971 series titled All in the Family for which he won two Emmy Awards. Rob has also produced notable movies which include The Princess Bride, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, Misery, among others. Notably, the multi-talented movie icon has been active in the American movie industry for over four decades. Read on, as we take a look at his biography and other interesting facts below.

Rob Reiner’s Biography

Robert Reiner was born in the Bronx, New York City on the 6th day of March 1947. The movie star was born to Jewish parents Carl Reiner and his wife Estelle Reiner. His father is a famous film director, producer, actor, and comedian while his mother was also a prolific actress. Coming from a star-studded family, Rob has enjoyed tremendous success both in front and behind the camera. He grew up having the likes of successful business personalities including Mel Brooks and Sid Caesar around him. As a child, Rob spent a whole lot of time watching his father while he filmed his TV series titled Your Show of Shows as well as The Dick Van Dyke Show, among others.

When Rob turned 13, his family relocated to California where he schooled at Beverly Hills High School. While he was there, Rob became friends with  and Albert Brooks who are also successful in the entertainment industry. He later graduated from the University of California Los Angeles Film School.


Rob Reiner began his acting career during the late ‘60s when he starred in his dad’s comedy film titled Enter Laughing. He later featured in other popular TV shows including Rome 222, Batman, The Andy Griffin Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Gomer Pyle, among others. He rose to fame following his role in Norman Lear’s sitcom titled All in the Family. For his impressive role in the movie, Rob received two Emmy Awards as well as five Golden Globe nominations.

Subsequently, the actor starred in a handful of movies before going behind the scenes to become a film producer, director, and writer. Some of his other notable movies include The First Wives Club, The Majestic, Sandy Wexler, The Wolf of Wall Street, Everyone’s Hero, Shock and Awe, and The Muse, to mention a few. As a director, Rob Reiner worked on the set of a good number of movies some of which he also starred in.

The highlight of his commercially successful movies includes but not limited to When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, Misery, North, The American President, The Bucket List, Ghosts of Mississippi, and The Princess Bride, among others.

Rob Reiner’s Net Worth

The American movie star has been successful in his career, not just as an actor but also a director and producer. He has earned a significant amount of money from his career. His net worth is currently pegged at $60 million. He earns his paycheck from his movies as well as business endeavours.

Rob Reiner’s Wife and Children

The famed movie star has seen his own share of romantic relationships in the past and has been married twice. His first marriage was to Penny Marshall, an American actress. The duo tied the knot in 1971; they have a daughter named Tracy Reiner, a product of Penny’s previous marriage whom Rob adopted. Just like her parents, Tracy is also a successful actress, best known for her role in the film titled A League of their Own. Rob and his first wife had a blossoming marital life before their relationship turned sour. After ten years of being together, the couple went their separate ways in 1981.

After their divorce, Rob went on to marry Michele Singer, a photographer. The pair met each other on the set of his movie titled When Harry Met Sally. After a few years of a successful relationship, they exchanged marital vows in 1989. They were blessed with three children – Jake Reiner, Nick Reiner, and Romy Reiner. Jake was born in 1991 while Nick was born two years later and Romy was born in 1998. While Rob and Singer have been together for over two and a half decades; they have been enjoying a blissful union and there is no sign of divorce between them.

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Family Facts

  • Rob Reiner came from a lineage of successful Hollywood stars.
  • His father Carl Reiner is one of the longest performers in the American entertainment industry with his career spanning over seven decades.
  • Rob Reiner and his dad Carl were the first Hollywood father and son to be memorialized; their footprints and handprints are on the concrete slab located at the Chinese Grauman’s Theatre.
  • Rob’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star is also located close to that of his father Carl.

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