What is Roman Atwood Doing Now After What Happened To Him?

Roman Atwood began his journey to greatness while he was in high school. At the time, he used to film and produce a series of DVDs known as “The Nerd Herd” which he would sell to consumers. After working at his family’s rope factory known as “Atwood Rope” and appearing in a slew of commercials and films, Atwood decided, in 2010, to fully invest his time and energy on creating comedy contents for people. This gave rise to the creation of his first YouTube channel titled: “Sketch Empire”.

Being a top-notch comedian, YouTube personality, prankster, and vlogger, this multi-talented young man has continued to grow his game in the industry. Recently, a lot has happened in this online sensation’s life, from the death of his mom to a lawsuit which he’s currently battling to win.

Born Roman Bernard Atwood, on May 28, 1983, he is a native of Millersport, Ohio, in the U.S. The son of Susan Anne Christman and Curt Dale Atwood, he has a brother called Dale Atwood, who also came from his parents’ marital relationship. The YouTube star is also a proud father of three lovely kids named Noah Vaughn Atwood (born October 18, 2004), Kane Alexander Atwood (born October 23, 2011), and daughter Cora Atwood (born July 16, 2017). He has Noah with his first wife Shanna Riley while the last two came from his second marriage to Brittney Smith-Atwood.

Shanna and Roman got married in 2001 and divorced in 2008 after the former cheated on him with a friend while vacationing. He met Brittney in 2008 at his friend’s wedding. After spending almost 10 years together, he finally proposed to her on April 30, 2018, and the couple tied the knot in a small family wedding that took place in Maui, Hawaii, on July 27, 2018. The sensation currently lives with his beautiful family in his hometown.

Atwood’s name started ringing a bell in the entertainment industry when he started vlogging. Like most successful people, he started out small but today he has grown to become a force to reckon with while one of his channels is the 50th most subscribed channel on the video-sharing website, YouTube.

Basically, what Roman does on his vlogging channel is to keep his fans abreast with virtually everything going on in his life. The channel titled “RomanAtwoodVlogs” boasts about 15 million subscribers and 5 billion views. In addition to his main channel, the successful online sensation has a secondary channel where he entertains his fans and also posts pranks. However, Atwood has not been active on the platform for a couple of months.

A lot has happened in Roman’s life since the beginning of the year. Its been a difficult time for him and his family since the month of May 2019 when he lost his beautiful to death. The YouTube personality had shared the news of his mom’s death with his fans on May 30, 2019, stating that she unexpectedly died after she fell off a scooter while they were on a vacation. Currently, the renowned vlogger’s business is once again embroiled in a lawsuit. He personally revealed this in a video he posted in the month of July.

Although he didn’t mention who filed the lawsuit, the Ohio native explained that he was sued because of his use of the catchphrase “Smile More” on his products, Roman Atwood sells items such as hats, water bottles, phone cases, and T-shirts in an online store.

What is Roman Atwood Doing Now After What Happened To Him?

The star, who is also known for the film Natural Born Pranksters is currently busy creating contents for his fans and reaching out to them through comedy and vlogging. Some of his recent videos include: This is Impossible!!, Our biggest surprise of all time!!!, We have to move!!, and Here we go again, this one’s big!!!. He released Natural Born Pranksters together with Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy in the year 2016.

Like the comedian, his fans are absolutely unfazed by the Roman Atwood lawsuit. This is not the first time Atwood’s business is getting embroiled in a lawsuit. The first time hew as sued, the case dragged on for 3 to four years and he emerged the winner in the long run. The YouTube personality is already feeling good and confident that he will win the case again.

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