Roman Atwood Net Worth: What Does He Do and How Does He Make Money?

Roman Atwood Net Worth: What Does He Do and How Does He Make Money?

Roman Atwood’s net worth, as well as the exact details of what he does and how Roman Atwood has been able to make money and a career out of it, has been a huge point of discussion among people who pay attention to the published earnings of social media celebrities.

Atwood needs no introduction to people who are familiar with his prank videos, however, to put a title to who he is, he can best be described as a comedian, prankster, vlogger, and YouTube personality. The Millersport, Ohio native achieved fame and fortune by picking up a camera, recording his activities, and then posting them on YouTube where he enjoys views that run in billions. He currently operates two very successful YouTube channels, one of which is the 50th most subscribed channel while the other is among the top 100 most subscribed channels on the video-sharing platform. The popularity of both his channels has helped him become only the second YouTuber to receive two Diamond Play Buttons, an award given by YouTube to channels that reach or surpass 10 million subscribers.

As it may surprise you to know, Atwood’s journey to success began long before YouTube was founded, however, it is the platform that gave him an opportunity to reach a wider range of audiences, thus allowing him to become a millionaire as he delved into other businesses. Read on to find out more about his net worth as well as about every other thing that he has put his hands into that has made him the successful person he is today.

Roman Atwood Net Worth: What Does He Do and How Does He Make Money?

Both the celebrity net worth website and other celebrity wealth calculating websites have reported that Roman Atwood’s net worth as of 2019 is $12 million. This figure is lower than what he has been reported to be worth in the past as a few publications had previously estimated his net worth to be $20 million.

Before embarking on his YouTube career, which is primarily what brought him fame and what he does to make a living, Atwood used to produce films. Starting from the time he was in high school, he produced a number of videos, the most famous of which were a series of DVDs called “The Nerd Herd” that he managed to sell at the 2006 Warped Tour. After that time, he moved to Columbus, Ohio where he worked on a number of film projects and commercials until 2010 when he decided to return to creating his own videos and posting them on YouTube as the platform was beginning to take off and garner viewers.

This decision turned out to be not just a correct one, but also a profitable one as Roman Atwood was able to make bank. He currently operates two YouTube channels; a vlogging channel called “RomanAtwoodVlogs” and a prank channel called “RomanAtwood”. As at the time of this writing, the former has 15.2 million subscribers and 5 billion views while the latter has 10.5 million subscribers and 1.47 billion views.

Roman Atwood Net Worth: What Does He Do and How Does He Make Money?
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Thanks to YouTube’s monetizing policy, Atwood has been able to rake in a significant amount of money from the views that his videos have generated. YouTube pays content creators an average of $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views so, for someone like Atwood who pulls millions of views, his earnings are in thousands and millions of dollars as the case may be. From “RomanAtwoodVlogs”, which has about 2.5 million views a day, he earns around $5,400 a day or $2 million a year while from “RomanAtwood”, which has been dormant since 2017, he makes around $550 per day or $200,000 a year.

In addition to his earnings from the platform, he has been able to further generate earnings by directing and starring in the movie Natural Born Killers (2016), embarking on a comedy tour with fellow YouTuber Yousef Erakat, and launching his very own merchandise line called Smile More, which produces and sells bracelets, T-shirts, and hoodies, among other things.

Another avenue that has contributed to Roman Atwood’s net worth is what it is today is his reported dealings in real estate. He is said to be a huge investor in the sector, buying large properties across the country and then selling them for a profit.

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