Ronda Rousey Feet, Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

Ronda Jean Rousey is an American actress, judoka and most notably mixed martial artist. This is quite an unusual profession considering the common professions of celebrities you know about. The 28 year old is well known as the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and being last Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She is also the first woman from United States to win a Bronze Olympic medal for judo after finishing third in the derby.

The damsel has also been named the highest paid woman fighter athlete in the United States. She also entered into the film industry and has so far appeared or starred in five movies including the Honoo-no Taiiku-kai TV, Expendables 3, Furious 7, Entourage and Roadhouse. Many people would not expect a fighter to be beautiful and well groomed. Well, Rousey is a fighter who is beautiful and well groomed but what about her feet, shoe size and shoe collection? This will be the subject of our discussion.  According to the , all time celebrity feet review website, voters thought the fighter has beautiful feet and gave her five star ratings.

What Is Unusual About Ronda Rousey’s Feet?

It is no question that the fighter has beautiful athletic body with beautiful and sexy feet. The toes are of the right length and form. However, the very same feet recently surprised every fan who was watching in awe as the champion was knocked down by Holly Holm in November 2015. The judoka’s feet showed a bright mix of yellow and purple which are very abnormal colors for a human’s feet.

Why were the feet discolored? This question caused a stir on the internet as people from all walks of life tried to explain what really happened. There were several theories but one particular explanation could be jaundice. This condition is defined by yellow discoloration of the skin and mucus membranes and results from the inability of the liver to function properly. Some people believed that it could have resulted from the long-term use of steroids which is common among athletes.

However, the notion was dismissed by several former fighters who claim to have experienced the same without using steroids. They said that such discoloration occurs as a result of exposing the feet to extreme cold. However, this could be the validated by the fact that Melbourne where the athlete was fighting at the time was extremely cold. Some still wonder if scientist can attest to such explanation, but if Rousey was actually using steroid then anti-doping authorities would not have allowed her to compete in the first place.

Others also thought it was some condition referred to as Raynaud’s phenomenon in which parts of the body feel numb and cold as a response to extreme cold temperatures or psychological stress. The rest of the contributors thought the champion had circulation issues, stepped on dirty floor, use of resin on the feet to improve grip, weight loss and dehydration and probably camera effects. What is your take on Rousey’s discolored feet?

Ronda Rousey Shoe Size and Shoe Collection

The mixed martial artist wears shoe number 9 (US). She adorns her beautiful feet with a number of elegant shoe types when she is not in the ring trading blows. Rousey like other celebrities care very much about the image she portrays. The information about the net worth of her shoe collection is currently not available but it is believed it averages a few tens if not hundreds of dollars. She appears not to be the biggest fans of shoes.

In the most important occasions of her life, the damsel has been seen wearing strappy sandals. It is possible that she prefers these type of shoes because of her athletic nature or maybe because she does not really like variety. However, she looks great in the straps just as you would expect. At other times, she has been seen wearing sneakers and other types of sport-shoes especially when she is working out.

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