Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

Ronni Hawk is an American actress and model who began her career in 2014 acting in short films. Two years later, in 2016, Hawk landed her big break with the Disney TV series Stuck in the Middle where she plays the role of Rachel Diaz, the sassy oldest sister of Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega).

Harley Diaz is the tween middle child of a family of 9. She is an inventor, experimenter, mediator, and persuader trying to maneuver her way through the bustle that comes with being part of her big happy family.

Since its premiere on February 14, 2016, Stuck In The Middle has received rave reviews and substantial popularity, enough to bring the actors some level of stardom.

Speaking in an interview with Just Jared, Ronni revealed her favorite thing about playing the role of Rachael Diaz saying; “My favorite thing about playing my character is getting to become a whole different person. I’m not actually a girly girl; I’m more of a tomboy.”

She added; “At first, I was actually really worried that people wouldn’t like my character; I thought the viewers might think she’s too mean or too intense but instead, people found Rachel to be funny and reacted really well to her, so that was really cool.”

Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

Here is a detailed look at Ronni Hawk’s career and personal life.

Ronni Hawk Bio

Ronni Hawk was born Veronica Faith Hawk on September 9, 1999, in Boca Raton, Florida to Ronald and Bambi Hawk. Her passion for entertainment began at a very tender age. At the age of 5, Ronni began taking dance classes at Boca Ballet Theatre where she trained as ballet, jazz, and modern dancer.

Ronni, at the age of 12 dabbled into modeling and began appearing in commercials. She has appeared in national commercials for Target, Bank of America, Kohls Kentucky Fried Chicken, and lots more.

While modeling, Ronni met an acting coach who introduced her to acting. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, and kicked off her acting career in 2014 starring in short films like Found (2014), Oak Hill Silence (2014), The Dancer & the Boy (2014), Session One (2014), Unspoken (2014), and Oblivious (2014).

Also in 2014, Ronni made her TV series debut playing Leah in season 1 episode 2 of Playing Hooky.

Her ultimate break came when she landed the role of Rachel Diaz in Stuck In The Middle.

Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

In addition to acting, Hawk has other interests. She fell in love with Archeology when she was in the 6th grade and hopes to take a break from acting to study more about the field in college.

“One thing no one knows about me is I want to go to college to study Archeology. I want to do cultural management and study gypsies,” Ronni told Just Jared in a 2016 interview.

In May 2017, she revealed via Twitter that she signed up for her first college class.

An environmentalist, nature, and animal lover, Ronni is already involved in charity work. She has raised funds for a number of causes including the Thirst Project.

Ronni shared with YSBNOW, the things she is most thankful for. Click here to read.

Ronni Hawk Dating Boyfriend

Since Hawk rose to fame, her fans have become itchy to know who she is in a relationship with. So when she posted a picture of herself holding hands with a certain Aaron Reiser (P.S: he’s not an actor), fans were quick to suspect that they were dating. See the pic below;

However, Aaron cleared the air in the comment section saying that he and Ronni have been friends for a long. Aaron is also friends with Ronni’s brother Jared Hawk.

Ronni once posted a Tweet referring to Aaron as her brother.

Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

So as of 2017, Hawk is dating no one, well not that the media knows about it. As she told Just Jared, she prefers to stay private. “…I also don’t enjoy doing the whole social media thing. I kind of stick to myself and stay private, just have my close friends and stuff. There are so many people that want to tear you down and I don’t want to feed into them,” the starlet said.

Ronni Hawk Family, Siblings

If there is anything similar between Ronni’s SITM role and her real life, it is hailing from a large family. While she has 8 siblings on the TV series, Ronni has 4 siblings in real life. She has two brothers named Ben and Jared and two sisters named Katy and Ashlyn.

Ronni Hawk Dating, Boyfriend, Family, Siblings, Body Measurements

Ronni is really close to her family who is very supportive of her career path. When asked in a 2016 interview the first thing she did after finding out that she got a role in Stuck in the middle, Ronni said; “The first thing I did after I found out I booked the part was immediately calling my family.”

Ronni’s dad Ronald Hawk was born on August 2. Raised as a Christian in a Presbyterian church, Spanish River Church in her native Florida, Ronni, and her dad have severally embarked on missions trips, like the one below;

Body Measurements

Height: Ronni stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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