Rosario Dawson Biography, Kids, Husband And Net Worth

Rosario Dawson Biography, Kids, Husband And Net Worth

She is beautiful, creative, multi-talented, highly sought-after, and boasts a flourishing career that has spanned over two productive decades and still counting. Meet Rosario Dawson, one of Hollywood’s first-rate actresses with over sixty films, three music video appearances, six video games projects, one audiobook publication, and numerous television series to her name.

Rosario Dawson Biography

The 25th Hour superstar was born in New York City on the 9th day of May 1979. Born Rosario Isabel Dawson, she is the biological daughter of Patrick C. Harris and Isabel Celeste, a renowned singer/writer who is of Cuban and Puerto Rican roots. At the time when Rosario was born, her mother Isabel was sixteen years old and was not married to Patrick – she never did despite having a daughter for him. Instead, she went ahead to tie the knot with a construction worker called Greg Dawson. Isabel’s marriage to Greg took place when Rosario was one year old.

Greg would adopt and raise Rosario as his own daughter. To date, the actress considers him as her dad. Not long after her marriage, Isabel and her family relocated to an abandoned apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. With the help of her husband, she was able to put the building into shape by installing some basic facilities in it. It was in the same apartment that Rosario and his step-brother Clay were raised.

Dawson has been in the spotlight for many years. Right from childhood, she has always desired to be heard and never failed to show off her innate acting skills to the world. Perhaps, this could be the reason she got the opportunity to feature in the 1969 American educational children’s television series, Sesame Street as a child. Years later, Dawson made a comeback in the movie industry and has stayed relevant since then.

Upon her return to the industry at the age of 15, the actress landed a leading role in the controversial teenage drama series, Kids. The film, to date, is considered her breakout movie and remains one of the biggest projects she has ever embarked on in the course of her career. Being a phenomenal screen star, Rosario boasts a strong fan base and fast-growing international audiences who are so much in love with her talent, on-screen creativity, and laudable contributions to the movie industry and entertainment community at large.

Her rare acting skills have earned her roles in several independent films as well as high-budget blockbusters such as Men in Black, Rent, and He Got Game. She has also starred in several films and television series alongside Hollywood elites such as Will Smith and many others.

Besides her love for acting, Dawson has a soft spot for politics. She has on several occasions participated in a good number of political activities, including protesting against President George W. Bush in 2004 which led to her arrest that year. The actress is said to have supported Bernie Sanders’s nomination at the Democratic Party primaries held in 2016. She also endorsed Barack Obama‘s re-election bid in 2012. Dawson, however, ditched Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the Green Party of the United States Presidential Candidate Jill Stein during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Net Worth – How Rich Is She?

As an accomplished actress, it is safe to say that Rosario Dawson boasts a handsome net worth. From her flourishing career, she has garnered an impressive wealth valued at $16 million.

Rosario Dawson Biography, Kids, Husband And Net Worth
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Her Husband and Kids

At the time of this writing, Rosario Dawson has no one to call a husband. She has never been married but has dated several high-profile personalities within and beyond the entertainment community. Rosario has been linked with stars such as Gerard Butler, Jay-Z, and Colin Farell. She is said to have dated Jay-Z in 2000, Farell in 2004, and Butler in 2007.

Also on her list are Danny Boyle and director Quentin Tarantino. She dated the former from 2012 – 2013 and the latter in 2006. Presently, she is not in any serious relationship.

Rosario has one adopted daughter called Lola. The actress’s decision to adopt Lola in 2014 was inspired by her stepdad who raised her as though she was his biological daughter.