Rudy Giuliani is a renowned American political icon, attorney, and business magnate, famously known for being ’s attorney. Prior to his career as the attorney of the POTUS, Giuliani has made giant strides in the US political sphere and has served in different political positions. Notably, he was the former Mayor of New York City and had also served as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

For his unparalleled track records, Rudy was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2001 and was bestowed an honorary knighthood by in 2002. In addition, Giuliani has also established successful businesses in the United States. Learn more about his bio, relationship with Trump and other facts below.

Rudy Giuliani Bio: Early Life and Education

Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani was born as Rudolph William Louis Giuliani on the 28th day of May 1944; his birth took place in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. He is the only child born to Italian immigrants Helen and Angelo Giuliani. Rudy possesses American nationality as well as Italian ethnic descent. He was raised in the Roman Catholic faith and he spent his early years in Garden City South of Brooklyn. There, he attended and graduated from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in 1961. After that, he enrolled at Manhattan College where he studied political science and philosophy.

During his college days, Rudy held several leadership positions in the school. Meanwhile, he wanted to be a Catholic priest ab-initio but after his graduation, he decided to pursue a law career instead. He acquired his Juris Doctor degree from the New York University School of Law in 1968. While he was there, he established the NYU Law Review and also graduated with distinction.

Professional Career

Soon after his graduation, Rudy Giuliani first started his political career as a volunteer for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968. He also worked as a member of the Democratic Party campaign team in the mid-60s. Later on, he began his law career while working as a clerk for Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon. During his stint with MacMahon, Rudy was drafted by the US Army but MacMahon wrote for his deferment at the time.

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During President Gerald Ford’s administration in 1975, Rudy was promoted to the position of Associate Deputy Attorney General. He was later appointed the chief of staff to then-Deputy Attorney General Harold Tyler under ‘s administration. Following the emergence of Republican’s Ronald Reagan as the US President in 1981, Rudy quickly changed his party affiliation to Republican. Two years later, he was made the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, a position he held for six years ending in 1989.

Under the umbrella of Republican and Liberal parties, Giuliani contested for the position of New York Mayor in 1989. However, he was beaten by the David Dinkins during the general elections. He later defeated Dinkins to win the same position in 1994. Becoming the New York City Mayor, Rudy served for two terms ending in 2001. He declared an interest in the US presidential race in 2008; nevertheless, he withdrew as a result of health and family challenges. Since then, he has remained active in the political game, rendering unreserved support to subsequent Republican candidates going for top government positions to date.

Relationship with Trump

Rudy Giuliani has undoubtedly become President Trump’s, right-hand man. Following his failed presidential bid in 2008, the former New York Mayor decided to go dim in the political game. He rather supported the emergence of as the Republican presidential candidate. While the campaigns were ongoing, Rudy played a prominent role in ensuring that Trump won the Presidency.

His outstanding performance made his relationship with Trump become more cordial. Prior to the inception of Trump’s dispensation, Giuliani was being considered for a Top Cabinet position; however, he declined all considerations.

Since the inception of Trump’s administration, Rudy has held strategic positions which include being an informal cybersecurity adviser to the president. Since 2018, he has been acting as Trump’s attorney and has handled several issues facing the president including Russian Interference in the 2016 Election as well as other allegations and sexual assault cases.

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Who Is His Spouse and Children?

The political icon has had his own share of relationships; he has been married and equally divorced three times. His first marriage was with a woman named Regina Peruggi in 1968. After a few years of marriage, the couple discovered that they were second cousins. However, this led to their divorce which was finalized in 1982. They didn’t have any kids from the marriage.

Prior to their divorce, Rudy fell in love with Donna Hanover, a local media personality. Two years later, the duo walked down the aisle and their wedding took place at St Monica’s Church, Manhattan. The couple had two children, a daughter named Caroline and a son, Andrew Giuliani.

The amazing couple was married for about sixteen years before their relationship turned sour due to issues of Rudy’s infidelity. They also filed for a divorce which was finalized in July 2002. The court ordered him to pay Hanover $6.8 million in the settlement while the custody of their children was granted to Hanover as well.

Despite his two failed marriages, Rudy Giuliani never stopped being active in the love game. He met a lady named Judith Nathan, a sales manager at a pharmaceutical company in 1999. The duo was secretly having an affair and after his divorce with his second wife, Rudy and Judith decided to tie the knot.

Their wedding took place in 2003 and through the marriage, he became a stepfather to Judith’s daughter Whitney. After fifteen years of marriage, Judith filed for divorce in August 2018. After their separation, Rudy started another relationship with Jennifer LeBlanc a Republican fundraiser. The pair has been together to date.