Sadik Hadzovic – Bio, Height, Net Worth, Facts About The Bodybuilder

While a lot of people go all out seeking fame and fortune, it is something that many have attained by simply doing what caught their fancy in the earliest years of their life. This is the story of Sadik Hadzovic, a lad with such kind of upbringing that endeared him to weight training. His romance with this endeavor grew over the years and is now at a stage where it’d be ridiculous to think of him abandoning bodybuilding.

More than just working to develop the size and strength of his muscles, Sadik is popular as an American fitness model and one of the finest International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) Men’s Physique professional competitors. As such, it is not surprising that his professional career has seen him bag more than a handful of the most coveted awards in the profession.

Since his career made him a public figure, Sadik joined the long list of individuals whose lives have become a thing of interest to many people. From the details of his early life to how he nurtured his career, the extent of wealth he has accumulated thereof, and every other thing worth knowing about Sadik, you will find answers to the questions often asked about this bodybuilder below.

Sadik Hadzovic Bio

We have been able to authenticate claims about Sadik Hadzovic being born in 1987 on the 8th of June. It is no secret he was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Southeastern European country which was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Even as details about his siblings and parents are hard to come by, you wouldn’t have to search hard to find that he thinks highly of his parents. He has twitted about his love for his mom, proclaiming that the woman has been the biggest inspiration in his life and that he derived his grit from her. In a similar vein, he made an Instagram post about the sentiments and values that his father inculcated in him, inferring that the man played a vast role in the forming of his strength and character.

Records have it that Sadik Hadzovic’s family was fleeing the war in Yugoslavia when they settled in the United States of America. He was only a lad then and his need for fine muscles got him hooked on weight training and he hasn’t looked back since then.

To the best of our knowledge, it was in 2011 that Sadik started taking part in professional competitive bodybuilding. That year, he came 3rd and 2nd respectively at NPC Eastern USA and Brooklyn Grand Prix events. The next year was a big one for him as he emerged the overall winner of NPC Metropolitan NY event and that of NPC Jr. Nationals. That’s not all, 2012 also saw him take the first place at the year’s IFBB Valenti Gold Cup. In addition to that, he came 2nd at NPC Jr USA, emerged at the same spot at IFBB Greater Gulf States, and at IFBB Orange County Pro. Unsurprisingly, he also bagged the June 2012 NPC Athlete of The Month award.

His Net Worth

You will easily find that this bodybuilder is worth $750,000, but this is only a rough estimate of his wealth and does not represent the true value of his riches. His net worth is best known to him but it should be higher than the figure which has circulated online. The man has multiple sources of income; apart from the prize money he has been winning from competitive bodybuilding, he has been pocketing good money from being a fitness model. Additionally, he earns from the sales of his E-book series, the coaching he offers to people interested in building their bodies, and from his eponymous YouTube channel.

Sadik Hadzovic’s Height

If it’s great to thrive as a bodybuilder, it’s appealing to be one with a good height that will balance things out. Sadik Hadzovic is obviously one of such bodybuilders as he is 5 ft 11 in tall. He weighs around 190 lb and his biceps, chest, and waist respectively measure 18, 46, and 30 inches. Sadik is physically attractive and this has endeared a lot of people to him.

Facts To Know About The Bodybuilder

1. His love life has been a mystery. At some quarters, it is believed that he has been dating a lady named Chelsey Pethick for a very long time; there are also those who believe he is married and even has a set of twin with his wife. Sadik shared the picture below on Instagram and it seems to validate the latter claim to a great extent.

2. The bodybuilder has devoted himself to helping people realize the need for exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, he regards this as his goal.

3. According to Sadik, the programs for his coaching were designed in line with the custom diet and training that made it possible for him to attain an elite level in the IFBB.

4. His eponymous YouTube channel boasts of over 150 thousand subscribers and almost 8 million views as of April 2019.

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