Sage Stallone’s Death and Cause of Death: Here’s What We Know So Far

Hollywood, fans and the world at large woke up on the 13th of July 2012 to the news of the tragic death of one of the industry’s finest – Sage Stallone. Within minutes that the news of his death hit the internet, his numerous fans took to various social media platforms to express their shock and pain. If his fans were so much pained, one can only imagine the grief felt by the family and friends, especially his parents. Sage was the eldest son of legendary actor Sylvester Stallone and his first wife Sasha Czack. He was also an actor, producer, and director. Sage starred alongside his father in a few hit Hollywood movies. As a matter of fact, Sage Stallone made his debut in one of the projects in the Rocky franchise – Rocky V alongside his father; interestingly, the duo played father and son. Sage is also known for a lot of directorial works. He was last seen on-screen in the film The Agent (2010).

His unfortunate demise would have been received with what we prefer to call the normal feeling of grief if people had known he was sick or suffering from something that could lead to his death but this was not the case as the news of his death came as a big shock to many and thus, was received with several questions regarding his strange quietude about his sufferings. Here is what we know about the death of the late actor, producer, and director who was found dead in his Los Angeles home by his housekeeper on that fateful morning in July 2012.

Sage Stallone’s Sudden Death

On the fateful morning of July 13, 2012, Sage’s housekeeper had gone to check on him after being asked by his mother to do so, unfortunately, she only found a lifeless Sage alone in his room. According to reports, before he was found dead, no one heard from him for days, which was why his mother decided to check up on him through his housekeeper. Unfortunately, he was already dead by the time the housekeeper got to his room. This, of course, left his parents and everyone else confused, in shock and in grief.

Although a funeral was held in his memory at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles, on July 21, 2012, and he was laid to rest same day at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, many people still seek answers to what must have happened to the talented actor. What was he suffering from that eventually led to his untimely death?

The Cause Of His Death And Everything We Know

After Sage’s death. it was first speculated that the former filmmaker had died as a result of a drug overdose following a report that sixty empty bottles of prescription drugs, including hydrocodone — generic Vicodin, were found in his room at the time of his death. This speculation soon formed a topic of discussion on various media platforms, leading to assumptions regarding the death of the entertainer.

With this speculation making the headlines, Sage was perceived as an addict by many. The speculation was also fueled by the report that empty beer cans were also found in his room. His lawyer and longtime friend George Braunstein came to his defence, claiming his friend never drank and was not a drug addict. Clearing the air and speculations concerning Sage’s death, Craig Harvey (coroner chief) revealed to the public on 30th of August 2012 that the former Hollywood star had died of natural causes and that the toxicology test had come back “negative except for a sub-therapeutic level of hydrocodone,” which according to him, played no role in Sage’s death. He, however, added that Sage Stallone was a heavy smoker and that most likely contributed to his death – this is because smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease.

Could His Death Have Been Avoided?

Stallone suffered a heart attack which led to his death; although no one could have stopped this from happening, this may have been avoided if he wasn’t a heavy smoker – a habit which, according to Harvey, most likely contributed to his untimely death. Had Sage not kept to himself days before his death as some reports said, maybe someone would have noticed his pains and suffering and helped out. Many would say there is no need crying over spilt milk as we are not able to turn back the hands of time but the fact remains that Sage Stallone will continue to live in so many hearts.

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