Who Is Sam Elliott’s Wife, Katharine Ross? His Daughter, Height, Bio

There are only a handful of people who are known for their profound imposing voices and cowboy roles in Hollywood and, Sam Elliott is one of those blokes. You can’t say you don’t know who the man is; apart from his many films and abundant television roles, his eyebrows and mustache stand him out among other actors.

Sam has been active in the business of professional acting since 1967. This was the year he got to appear in a movie (The Way West) for the first time. The man who would later establish himself as a brand in his chosen profession played an uncredited role in the film made out of a novel written by Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr.

Sam Elliott’s Bio

Born on the 9th day of August in the year 1944 as Samuel Pack Elliott, in Sacramento, California; Sam discovered for himself that he’s cut out for a career in acting when he was only a nine-year-old lad.

From what we have learned, his father – Henry Nelson Elliott, who worked with the United States Department of Interior, did all he could to dissuade his son from joining the movie industry. But Sam was silently encouraged by Glynn Mamie, his mom and a physical training instructor who didn’t have any reason to frown at her son’s interest in acting.

It is said that Sam’s parents were both born and brought up in Texas and that their descent gave Sam an English and Scottish heritage.

Who Is Sam Elliott’s Wife, Katharine Ross? His Daughter

It isn’t a secret that Sam Elliott has been husband to Katharine Ross since 1984; just as it is well known that Ross is an American, equally in the business of acting. She was born on January 29, 1940, and her place of birth was in Hollywood, California.

Katharine Ross decided she would live to be known as an actress after she participated in the production of a student film at Santa Rosa Junior College. She was so enchanted with the idea of being a professional actress thereafter that there was no stopping her from abandoning her studies at Santa Rosa. She left the institution and relocated to San Francisco where she subjected herself to studying acting.

It was only a while before she started auditioning for roles. Her first notable success came in 1962 when she appeared as Teresa Parelli in an episode of the NBC legal drama series, Sam Benedict. From then onward, things were pretty easy for Katharine Ross in the industry. Scriptwriters, directors, and producers of TV shows and movies practically crafted storylines and characters that would enable them to feature the new, talented actress widely regarded as the symbol of beauty in their production.

The craze for Katharine spanned through decades and that was how the American actress of English, Scottish and German heritage got to portray diverse and numerous characters in abundant television and film productions.

To the best of our knowledge, Sam Elliott got to meet Ross when they both worked on the 1969 film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. While Sam had an insignificant role of a Card Player in the movie, Ross played Etta Place which earned her the BAFTA Award for Best Actress.

Possibly because they didn’t play a part together in the film, they didn’t become an item until they met again in 1978 while working on the 1978 horror film, The Legacy. As the two were the major cast of the British-American movie, it wasn’t difficult for them to become friends. The friendship became a romantic one and the rest is history.

Sam became Ross’ fifth husband sometime in May 1984. She had been married to Joel Fabiani (1960-1962), John Marion (1964-1967), Conrad Hall (1969-1974), and Gaetano Lisi ( 1974-1979).

About four months after Sam and Katharine became man and wife, they welcome their only child, a daughter they named Cleo Rose Elliott. She became fairly famous as a musician after she studied how to sing professionally at Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio.

We can’t say the Ross-Elliott family is free from troubles. It has been circulated on several occasions that Cleo is violent towards her mom. There was an instance where she even threatened to kill her. Katharine had to file for a protective order against her own child. But then, this happened in 2011 so, it’s probably a thing of the past.

Sam Elliott’s Height

Well, you don’t have to speculate about the man’s height anymore. We have authenticated that the American actor is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Yeah, he’s 1.88 meters tall.