Sam Riegel Wife, Family, Children, Height, Age, Biography

Sam Riegel Wife, Family, Children, Height, Age, Biography

Sam Riegel is one of those entertainers with a captivating voice. He’s an American voice actor, writer, and director and won’t be forgotten for his numerous works in anime, and cartoons. He equally lends his voice to video game series. One of his exceptional works can be traced to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Ace Attorney video game series, and a lot more which will be delved into below. Enjoy reading.

Sam Riegel Biography, Age

October 9, 1976, was the day the voice actor was born in Washington, DC. The story of his life from childhood days remains a mystery but his parents are identified as Lenore Riegel (mother) and Kurt Riegel (father). Some part of his budding days as an entertainer were spent appearing in the Les Misérables and numerous Broadway plays. It was during this period that his passion for the arts grew to the point of no return.

He had his tertiary education at the University of Virginia, and as a student of the institution, Sam joined a vocal group known as The Academical Village People.

On the internet, he teamed up with another voice actor – Liam O’Brien, to anchor the All Work No Play podcast. Sam also lends his voice as a regular cast member on Critical Role. He performs with other voice actors on the Dungeons & Dragons campaigns of the live-action web series.

His contribution to the success of Danger & Eggs earned him a 2018 Daytime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program. His other directorial works for animated series include Wander Over Yonder, Elena of Avalor, DuckTales, and Sofia the First.

Sam’s net worth and salary are still under review and will be included here as soon as we can lay our hands on them. Howbeit, we have no doubt he is earning a reasonable amount for his works.

Family, Wife, Children

Sam Riegel was born as the only son of Lenore and her husband Kurt Riegel. He is the brother of award-winning actress Eden Riegel and half-brother of Tatiana S. Riegel who is also grounded in the entertainment industry, working as a filmmaker and editor. Sam and his siblings have several webisodes on Imaginary Bitches to their credit.

Sam Riegel Wife, Family, Children, Height, Age, Biography
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For his personal life, Sam has done really well and is living happily with his wife Quyen Tran and their two children in Los Angeles. Tran works as a cinematographer and credits the nights she spent watching Sam perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for her understanding of comedy from different dimensions. Some of her notable works include independent films like Lars and the Real Girl, The Way Way Back as well as I, Tonya.

One day that will remain unforgettable for Sam Riegel and his wife is no doubt September 11, 2001, when America was thrown into mourning by a terrorist attack that targeted the World Trade Center. Riegel and Tran watched as the South Tower of the gigantic edifice turned into rubble, taking 2,996 lives with it and injuring more than 6,000 more. Also, $10 billion worth of infrastructure and property were destroyed during the four coordinated terrorist attacks organized by the Islamic terrorist group known as al-Qaeda against the United States of America. In the months that followed the attack, more people succumbed to cancer and respiratory diseases which were regrettably caused by the effect of the attack. The dust cloud that came from the collapse of the building enveloped Sam and his wife but they safely made it out and found refuge at Battery Park. From there, they watched with fear as the North Tower also crumbled.

The horrific sight was captured on camera by Sam Riegel and was used in many documentaries about the attack.


Sam’s height and body measurements have not really been publicized but most of his fans believe he is just a few inches taller than five feet. Nevertheless, the voice actor’s post on Twitter in February 2018 that says “6 feet y’all”, suggests that he is up to six feet. But then, he might be tweeting about something or someone else. Whatever the case may be, we can confirm that he is in great shape.