Samantha Sepulveda Bio – 5 Facts About The Model Police Officer

Samantha Sepulveda Bio – 5 Facts About The Model Police Officer

If police officers were all females and as hot as Samantha Sepulveda, the crime rate of the country could have most likely gone up! Why? Well, we can imagine men committing various crimes just so they could get arrested by a hottie. A story in this context could sure make a Hollywood movie but the hottie that is Samantha Sepulveda is no fiction. She is a New York police officer by day and a lingerie and bikini model by night. Follow through as we reveal interesting facts about this model police officer as she has so been labelled.

Samantha Sepulveda – Bio

Sexy cop Samantha is originally from the Dominican Republic and it comes as no surprise as we’ve come to see a good number of hotties originating from the Island country. She was born in 1984 in the Santo Domingo part of the nation. When she was five years old, her family, including her mother and her older sister, relocated to the United States.

Thus, she had her high school education in the country. In high school, Samantha Sepulveda proved to be very active and athletic as she was part of the female lacrosse team.

Sepulveda was doing her bid as a patriotic American citizen serving as a cop when she came under the radar of the New York Post which revealed her night job as a glamour model, thus, putting her in the spotlight and garnering her more active social media followers in the process. She is a police officer in Long Island, however, she has refused to reveal the exact town she patrols.

5 Facts About The Model Police Officer

1. Samantha Sepulveda is a beauty with brains

Sammysep, as she is also known, is more than just a female with a hot body. Making her even sexier is the fact that she’s got the brains as well. She holds not one but two degrees including an MBA. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Isenberg School of Business of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Sepulveda had gained the opportunity to attend the university thanks to the sports scholarship she earned from high school, She was the star player of her lacrosse team and left with many records including becoming the 7th highest scorer for her varsity lacrosse team.

2. Why she chose a law enforcement career over finance

With not one but two degrees in business, one can’t help but wonder why she isn’t working somewhere on Wall Street. Well, Samantha does have a good reason for a change in career paths. The model police officer revealed to the New York Post that she chose law enforcement as it will avail her a bigger opportunity to help people more than a finance career ever would. Save to say that Sammy isn’t only smart and beautiful but also empathic.

Samantha Sepulveda Bio – 5 Facts About The Model Police Officer

3. How the modelling career came to be

Modelling is something that Samantha opted for as more of a hobby. A friend of hers who worked for a lingerie company in 2013 invited her to a runway lingerie fashion show their company held. Her friend also asked that she become one of the models to which she accepted, agreeing to model swimwear and lingeries whenever she had time off from her day job as a police officer. The model explained to the New York Post that while policing helped her to love and care for other people, modelling was her own way of appreciating her body, as well as herself.

4. Not everyone fancies her double life

While it may come as cool to many that Samantha Sepulveda can pull off a career as a model and a police officer, some don’t just see how cool it is, especially some of her colleagues at work. However, Sammy herself has revealed the reception has been more positive as she has more supporters than foes. She pays little to no attention to the negative comments she gets as she believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views.

5. She has been interviewed by many top media outlets

With fame comes media attention and Samantha Sepulveda has gotten her fair share. In addition to her interview with the New York Post, Samantha Sepulveda has also been interviewed by the likes of Fox News. She has been featured on Muscle and Fitness magazine and Maxim magazine.