Sandi Toksvig – Biography, Spouse, Wife or Partner and Children

Sandi Toksvig – Biography, Spouse, Wife or Partner and Children

Sandi Toksvig is a woman that is not like many others, she is among many things a political activist, a presenter, and producer on British radio and television, a comedian, actor, and writer with notable children and adults works. For all she has done so far, Sandi is a multi-award recipient, the most notable of which is her 2014 – Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to Broadcasting and myriad others.

The celebrity kicked off her career as a comedian before venturing into acting, then followed by writing after she wrote her first book and subsequently turning into a television presenter and a vocal political activist following her BBC Radio 4 joke becoming a subject of investigation as urged by the British members of parliament. Find out below, all there is to know about her life and the events thereof, including who her partner and children are.

Sandi Toksvig Biography

Sandra Birgitte Toksvig more popularly known as Sandi Toksvig was born to Claus Toksvig (father) and Julie Anne Toksvig (née Brett, mother) in Denmark on the 3rd of May 1958. Her father is Danish and in his time was a journalist, broadcaster, and foreign correspondent while her mother is British, her occupation is not known. Due to her father’s job, Sandi spent most of her youth living abroad in London (when she turned 14) mostly in New York for much of the time.

She schooled at an independent girls’ school near Guildford named Tormead School, then Girton College, Cambridge where she studied law, archaeology, and anthropology. Birgitte  Toksgiv graduated with a first-class degree for which reason she received The Raemakers and the Theresa Montefiore Awards for her outstanding accomplishment.

Prior to her celebrated college graduation, Sandi had earlier worked as a follow spot operator with Jesus Christ Superstar musical group when she was about 18. At the time she was still a college student, Toksgiv began her comedy career as a member of the first all-woman show at the Footlights which she wrote for and also performed with. The comedian also at this time wrote for the Footlights Revue all at Girton College, Cambridge University. As her comedy career gained momentum, Sandi Toksvig performed in Comedy Store in London, appeared as a panelist in the television comedy show Call My Bluff, Have I Got News for You, QI, Whose Line Is It Anyway?Mock the Week and on the other hand, hosted What the Dickens.

Sandi Toksvig however first ventured into presenting on television with the children series N0. 73 which ran from 1982-1986. Her other television gigs include The Saturday Starship, Gilbert’s Fridge, The Talking Show, Fifteen-to-One, The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 with Noel Fielding, and other shows. Coming over to the radio, her voice was first heard on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue which aired on BBC Radio 4 followed by The Unbelievable Truth and The News Quiz which she last worked on in June 2015 before championing the course of the Women’s Equality Party to advocate for the right of women in the scheme of things.

As mentioned earlier, Toksvig’s career encompasses writing books and she has authored books like “Tales from the Norse’s Mouth” (1999), “Super-Saver Mouse to the Rescue” (2000), and “Girls Are Best. London: Red Fox” (2009) which are all for children. On the other hand, her books for adults are “Island Race: an Improbable Voyage Round the Coast of Britain” which she co-authored with McCarthy John in 1995, “The Travels of Lady Bulldog Burton” (2002), “Valentine Grey. Virago” (2012) and many others.

Sandi Toksvig – Biography, Spouse, Wife or Partner and Children
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Family: Spouse, Wife or Partner and Children

Sandi Toksvig came out as a lesbian in the 90’s and weathered death threats about her sexual orientation thereafter. Nevertheless, many years have passed since then and our society has grown to be more welcoming and accepting of people with diverse sexual preferences.

The decorated comedian, actress, author, writer, etc is a mother of three children. Her then-wife/partner Peta Stewart bore the children: Megan and Jesse (daughters) and Theo (son). The kids were conceived through artificial insemination with Roger Lloyd-Pack’s brother Christopher Lloyd-Pack being the sperm donor. However, Sandi Toksvig parted ways with her partner Peta Stewart in the year 1997.

Currently, Sandi is married to Debbie Toksvig, a psychotherapist. The couple began their civil union in 2007 and renewed their vows on the 29th of March 2014; the epoch day same-sex marriage was introduced in England and Wales. By December of the same year, their partnership was converted into a marriage. They have been living together in their houseboat in Wandsworth since then.

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