Sarah Disanto: 6 Quick Facts To Know About Nate Parker’s Wife

Sarah Disanto: 6 Quick Facts To Know About Nate Parker’s Wife

While Nate Parker is a popular name in the world for his activities in the entertainment industry which comprises of various endeavors that range from acting to performing music, writing, directing, and producing, almost nothing is known about the woman he made his life with a partner – Sarah Disanto.

The essence of this piece borders around that fact. We will be looking at the things one ought to know about Nate Parker’s wife. But since Nate Parker is seeming the only reason why people are interested in knowing a thing or two about Sarah Disanto, it is only normal we kick off by looking at some basic facts of Parker’s life.

Famed as an American actor across the globe, Nate was born on the 18th day of November 1979 and his place of birth was in Norfolk, Virginia. He has played several roles in television and numerous on the big screen. Among his works, he is probably best known for 2016’s The Birth of a Nation wherein he portrayed Nat Turner and equally served as a writer, director, and producer of the American-Canadian drama film. Disregarding that, the man is also known for being Henry Lowe in 2007’s The Great Debaters, Jimmy Grant in 2012’s Arbitrage, and Kaz Nicol in 2014’s Beyond the Lights. 

When Nate was much younger and in high school, it was thought that he’d make a career out of wrestling. He was a member of the wrestling team at the various high school he attended which culminated in him receiving a full wrestling scholarship to attend Pennsylvania State University. But then, Nate in his second year at the university would be accused of rape which will see him move to the University of Oklahoma where he earned his degree in Management Science in 2002.

There are a thousand and one things known about Nate. His wife, however, has remained in the shadow leaving everyone curious about who she is in the dark and ultimately, allowing unsubstantiated speculations about her to thrive. Irrespective of our intense digging we sadly, have not been able to uncover significant details about Nate Parker’s wife. We yet can’t authenticate her age, date, and place of birth and can barely tell anything about her origin and the early days of her life. While we are still working on gaining more information about her, here are the things one ought to know about her.

6 Quick Facts To Know About Sarah Disanto

1. Sarah Disanto and Nate Parker have been lovers before Nate became popular

Nate Parker and Sarah Disanto meet while they were both attending Pennsylvania State University. They developed an interest in each other, became lovers and has remained lovers ever since but with a handful of breakups and reunion here and there.

2. Their affair became official in 2007

It is true that the Sarah Disanto-Nate Parker union officially kicked off in 2007, the same year Nate gathered extensive admiration from several quarters for his Henry Lowe role in The Great Debaters. Precisely, it was on 10th August of the said year that they became life partners.

Sarah Disanto: 6 Quick Facts To Know About Nate Parker’s Wife

3. It wouldn’t be wrong for one to say they have four (4), five (5), or 6 (six) children

Confused huh? Here’s how it is – Sarah and Nate have four daughters between them, but then, Nate adopted his sister’s son and equally has a daughter from a previous relationship. The kids are all part of the Sarah-Parker family; it’s that simple.

4. People were kind of unhappy his wife is white

For reasons we have traced to Nate’s activism with respect to the black race, it was a big deal when it became widely known that his wife is a white woman. This may be difficult to believe but people heavily lashed the star for marrying outside his race. It was so bad that Nate had to publicly proclaim his love for his “white wife” to shut down the criticism.

He affirmed that Sarah isn’t African-American, but asserted that she is the love of his life.

5. Sarah Disanto black conscious

This is according to Nate. When he came out to comment on the criticisms he’s receiving for marrying Sarah, he specified that she is conscious of the black identity. Apparently, he has been handing her books to read in this regard. Nate stressed that his wife is aware that she is raising black kids.

6. Sarah Disanto is a native of Erie, Pennsylvania

Yeah, Nate Parker’s wife is from the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania.

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