Sarah Kustok – Bio, Married, Husband, All About The Sports Reporter

Sarah Kustok – Bio, Married, Husband, All About The Sports Reporter

One may be tempted to place Sarah Kustok in the class of sports reporters, but she is more than that. A talented and highly dedicated media personality who has grace and charm, she is a strong-willed individual who has come to be known as a sports reporter for Fox Sports and Yes Network.

She has loved sports since she was a young girl growing up and even played until her college days. It was from there that she transitioned to reporting sports. Her career which has been with various media outfits including ESPN and Fox Sports has seen her cover both high school and college football and basketball and she has also worked for the Blackhawks, Cubs, and White Sox among others as a TV sideline reporter.

Sarah Kustok Biography

It was on December 17, 1981, that Sarah Grace Kustok was born in the United States to Allan Kustok and Anita Kustok. She was brought up together with an older brother Zak Kustok who once played football.

While growing up, she was a lover of sports as well as an athlete. She attended Sandburg High School where she played basketball and volleyball as a standout player. Following her graduation, she moved to DePaul University in Chicago where she played collegiate basketball from 2000 to 2004. Following her graduation, she was appointed by the university as an assistant basketball coach.

Even before then, Kustok who had gone on to get a Master’s degree in Multi-Cultural and Corporate Communication from the same university in 2005 had worked a little with DePaul radio broadcasts and also with ESPN.

Sarah Kustok also worked with Fox Sports where she covered college and high school football and basketball. More so, she was also the TV sideline reporter for a number of clubs such as the Chicago Bulls, and Blackhawks. Kustok was also an anchor for WMAQ-TV and then WFLD-TV.

Also on her resume, she has worked for Versus, and then in 2017, she attained a milestone after she became the first female in the profession to ever be an analyst in the NBA. She recorded this with her work with YES Network.

Husband, Is She Married?

Obviously, Kustok is a very beautiful woman that many men would want to have as a life partner. However, she is yet to get married. It gets even more interesting to realize that in the dating scene, she has not been among the busiest.

She may, however, not be in the market as some unconfirmed sources have linked her to Drew Lammert. Apart from this, there is nothing more that is known about her love life.

Sarah Kustok – Bio, Married, Husband, All About The Sports Reporter
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Things To Know About The Sports Reporter

Her Parents

Sarah Kustok described the relationship between her parents as one that was very loving. After the pair have been married for many years, tragedy struck in 2010 when Anita Kustok died in a mysterious circumstance from gunshot wounds. Her husband, Allan Kustok was arrested for the death even though he claimed that his wife committed suicide. As the case dragged, Sarah testified for her father insisting he couldn’t have killed her mother.

However, prosecutors insisted that he did kill his wife based on the evidence they found with the splattered blood and the fact that he did not call the police immediately. More so, there was the case of infidelity against him. Alan was found guilty of murdering his wife and was sentenced to 60 years behind bars.


Sarah has always had one great supporter, and that is her brother Zak Kustok. Born in 1979, Zac also grew up loving sports and he went on to play professional football for the Northwestern Wildcats as a quarterback from 1999 to 2001. By 2004, he had called football quits due to some challenges he kept facing with his inability to find a steady club. Zak is now a businessman.

Net Worth

Sarah Kustok has brought herself to a very enviable position in sports broadcasting. Thanks to this, she has a net worth that is estimated at $1.5 million.


The beautiful Sarah is one who has a good height and a body build that helped her to become a standout volleyball and basketball player in her high school and university days. That said, she has a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

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