Sarah Mcdaniel Bio: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The American Model

Sarah Mcdaniel Bio: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The American Model

As an American model, Sarah Mcdaniel is popular for several reasons which range from the unique features of her eyes to her emergence as the first non-nude cover girl of Playboy Magazine.

Beyond that, Sarah gained a lot of attention for the appearances she has made on music videos of super-famous musicians. You will find her in the music video of English musician, Mark Daniel Ronson’s song Summer Breaking just as you will spot her on that of Australian singer, Kevin Parker’s Daffodils.

Being one of those individuals who could brag about an accomplishment in show business, Sarah once advised those hoping to build a career in the industry to surround themselves with people who believe in their dreams and wouldn’t pull them down. According to her, she practically gave up when several agencies rejected her, asserting that she doesn’t have what it takes to walk the runway.

Sarah Mcdaniel’s Biography

It was on 30th June in the year 1995 that the model was born. Named Sarah Rose McDaniel, it is known that her place of birth was in Roseville, California. Although much isn’t known about Sarah’s parents, it is said that her father, Gregory Paul McDaniel is a project manager. All we have been able to uncover about Sarah’s mom is her name – Angela McDaniel.

According to Sarah, her parents have been the backbone of her career as they have always supported her even when it was as though she is wasting her time pursuing a modelling career. In fact, she related that her dad supported her when she landed the Playboy deal even before he got to know that she wouldn’t be posing nude.

Sarah has a sister, her name is Zoe McDaniel. Growing up, Sarah had no friends, she was bullied and didn’t have any desire to become a model. She said she didn’t even get to wear makeup in middle school and throughout high school. When she started toying with the idea of making modelling her profession, she didn’t imagine she would make something meaningful out of it.

Disregarding the foregoing, here are more facts one ought to know about the American model.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Sarah Mcdaniel

1. Her Eyes

A major bulk of the attention Sarah gets for herself comes from the colour(s) of her eyes. While the left one is blue, the other is brown in colour. Sarah Mcdaniel has maintained that she has heterochromia iridum, a condition she claims she was born with. But then, a picture of her childhood days found its way to the public space. As both of her eyes were brown in the picture, it was assumed that she planted a colour contact to achieve the look.

Sarah Mcdaniel Bio: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The American Model

2. Height and Body Measurements

Certainly, there is no gainsaying Sarah is attractive, hardly would anyone deny her good looks. While she is 5 feet 8 inches tall (1. 77 m), her weight fluctuates between 52 and 60 kg. It has been circulated that her body stats are 34-24-35 inches, we are yet to substantiate this claim.

3. The Dame Found a New Career as an Investigative Journalist

Do not assume anyone referring to Sarah McDaniel as an investigative journalist has failed to get the facts right, the model has apparently uncovered that she has a thing for journalism and she’s chasing it. People have reasons to believe she works for several online media outlets including where she has a profile that only describes her as a “model turned journalist”.

4. Her Online Presence Has Been Skyrocketing

On Instagram alone, lady McDaniel has been able to accumulate over 1 million followers for herself. As her online presence continues to soar, Sarah is concerned about attracting the wrong kind of attention from the public.

Meanwhile, owing to the massive number of her followers on Instagram, many have come to believe she became popular through the platform, this is not so. Sarah has been active in the modelling industry and was pretty famous before the Playboy deal which only pushed her further into the limelight.

5. Sarah Has Her Own Swimsuit Line

She has shown that she is vocationally adventurous. Beyond being a model and a journalist, she is equally involved in acting and photography. As such it is rarely a surprise that she has developed her own bathing suit line with Frankie’s Bikinis.