Search Party: 5 Things To Know About The HBO Max Comedy TV Series

The satirical comedy series, Search Party, has stood out among the crowd of similar shows since 2016. Two seasons have been aired so far and a promise of more laughter in a third season has been made. This article comes packed with 5 things to know about the TV series like when the next season will be released, why it is now being called an HBO Max series instead of TBS’, the big wheels in it, the likelihood of a fourth season and much more.

Search Party: 5 Things To Know About The HBO Max Comedy TV Series

1. Who Is In It?

The show created by Michael Showalter, Sarah-Violet Bliss, and Charles Rogers stars State of Grace actress Alia Shawkat as Dory Sief, a role that has been recognized as her breakthrough role by Gracie Awards. It also stars John Reynolds, Meredith Hagner, Brandon Michael Hall and John Early in the respective roles of Drew Gardner, Portia Davenport, Julian Marcus, and Elliot Goss.

In addition to its main cast and the recurring ones, Search Party has also featured a number of guest stars in its two-season-long run and they include actresses Alicia Reiner, and J. Smith-Cameron, actors/comedians Judy Gold, Michael Showalter, Kate Berlant, and Jo Firestone as well as actor/musician Tunde Adebimpe.

2. What Is Search Party About?

The show follows the life of Dory Sief and her day to day relationship with her friends, Drew, Portia, Julian, and Elliot.
In the first season, Dory, a typical city girl bored of her job and her relationship, finds a bit of excitement when she finds out her college acquaintance, Chantel, has gone missing. She is determined to find Chantel and to achieve her goal, she drags her friends along and with her.

Drew is not the smartest one in the shed but he is a sweet guy who would try anything to save his relationship with Dory. Elliot is a self-indulgent narcissistic gay guy who thinks he’s better than everyone. Portia is a happy-go-lucky actress who would do anything for the spotlight while Julian is the blunt journalist who always manages to offend everyone, he is also Dory’s ex-boyfriend.

In the second season, Dory and her friends were basically trying to cover up a murder.

3. Search Party Was Initially Shown On TBS

The first season of Search Party started airing on November 21, 2016, on the TBS network. The second season also followed on November 19 of the following year on the same network. In April 2018, the network shared the good news that the show had been renewed for a third season, but what came after that is the real big deal.

Search Party is officially becoming an HBO Max original show, the online streaming platform which, like TBS, is also owned by WarnerMedia will now be home to not only the third season but also the fourth season of the series. However, this was not the only big announcement that was made on October 7, 2019. It was also announced on that day that the third season will begin to air on the upcoming platform when it launches by Spring, 2020.

4. What The Move To HBO Max Means For The Show

Considering that the majority of the show’s vast fan base are young adults, the move to HBO Max is expected to be favorable for the dark comedy’s future. The President of TBS and HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer, Kevin Reilly, said the move to the new platform will allow them to continue the series as well as serve the digital natives who have come to adore the show the most.


5. What To Expect In Season 3

Actress-Comedian Michaela Watkins of Casual fame and the triple-Emmy-winning Louis Anderson were announced to be joining the recurring cast of Search Party season 3 sometime in late 2018, so we can expect to see them on the show come Spring 2020.

In the third season, Portia finally gets to be in the Spotlight she wants so much but not in the way she imagined. Dory and Drew get charged for the ‘sort of’ accidental murder they were trying to cover up in the second season and Elliot and Portia may be forced to testify against them. Between the sudden infamy bestowed on the friends by the charge and a very serious federal prosecutor (Watkins) determined to put them in jail, the gang’s friendship may be strained for a while.

Oh, and Louis Anderson may be their lawyer. HAHA

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