Seraina Schönenberger – Bio, Family, Everything About The Swiss Model

Seraina Schönenberger’s beauty has definitely paved the way for her for most of her life. She joins the ranks of international divas and models who have made a name for themselves in the modeling industry and have traveled abroad to grow their fan base and further their career.

Except in the case of Seraina, it wasn’t just her modeling career that saw her leave her homeland, falling in love had a huge part to play in it as well. The Swiss model is currently in a relationship with veteran rock music icon, Mick Mars. Read on to know everything there is to glean about Seraina’s life in her home country and her move to the United States.

Seraina Schönenberger’s Bio

The stunning beauty from Zurich, Switzerland, was birthed on October 4, 1984. Her full name is Seraina Fai Schönenberger. Seraina grew up in her home country. It was here that she started and completed her education, although the details remain unknown.

Relatively speaking, the model is a late bloomer when it comes to her interest in fashion and modeling. She only developed an interest in the industry after she was done with her education. However, she did not waste any time in getting her modeling career up and running. Seraina began to participate in photo shoots and appear on the cover of several local magazines.

This exposure was sufficient to see her clinch an opportunity to be on Zurich’s flagship modeling competition Miss Zurich. Although she did not get to the title, the exposure from her participation in the competition snowballed her career, bourgeoning her popularity and earning her national recognition. This saw her land bigger modeling contracts with famous Swiss magazines and brands from within and outside the fashion industry.

Her Family

While Seraina Schönenberger is a quickly identifiable name back in her home country, she has chosen to keep mum about the identity of the members of her family. Even being in a high profile relationship and having the media breathing down her neck has not compelled her to spill any information.

What is known is that most of her family still reside in Zurich and the model still maintains contact with them and visits whenever she can.

Everything About Seraina Schönenberger, The Swiss Model

Relationship Life

While it may seem that her move to the United States may have dimmed the light on her modeling career, the model has nothing to complain about on the relationship front, thanks to her relationship with famous American singer-songwriter and guitarist, .

Mick Mars’ Influence in her Career

Seraina Schönenberger is a self-professed rock music lover and a huge fan of Mick’s Mötley Crüe rock band. In June 2007, Mick and the band were on a world tour and had penned Switzerland down as one of their tour stops.

Seraina Schönenberger was excited to hear the band and so she and a few of her friends decided to attend the concert as a group. Little did she know that by the end of the concert, she would get the opportunity to talk to the band’s lead guitarist Mick Mars, or that Mick would be taken by her on their first meeting. The enchantment of their first meeting was enough that Seraina soon fell for the rock star and they started a relationship. The model has stated during one of her interviews just how in love she is with her lover. Mick is 33 years older than Schönenberger but that hasn’t cast any shadow on their romance. Neither has the fact that the musician has a degenerative bone condition that is basically shrinking him with every passing year.

Seraina Schönenberger’s Marriage with Mick

As expected their union has attracted a lot of attention and has been widely publicized. This increased attention has also helped to raise the model’s popularity beyond her strict fashion-loving fan base. In 2013, after six years together, Seraina Schönenberger and her guitarist boyfriend took their love a step further when it was announced that they had tied the knot in 2013. However, none of them have come forward with details of the event.

Although they are a celebrity couple, Schönenberger and Mars rarely make public appearances. However, photos of them can often be found on the model’s social media accounts.

Mick Mars’ Previous Relationships

Before Seraina started going out with Mars, the rockstar had been married twice before. First to Sharon Deal in 1970 which lasted for three years. He subsequently tied the knot with fellow band member Emi Canyn. But he divorced her in 1993.

Seraina’s work with Mötley Crüe Rock Band

Seraina Schönenberger, who is an atheist like her husband, often travels with the band on their tours and was especially seen lending a hand to the crew during their Crue Fest Summer Tour in 2008. She has also appeared in the band’s music video for their song “Saints of Los Angeles”. Schönenberger stayed in Zurich throughout the time she was dating Mick. She only moved in with him after their wedding in 2013. The couple resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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