Shakira Height, Weight and Other Body Measurements

Shakira Height, Weight and Other Body Measurements

Don’t get us started on this topic… too late! We are already invested, today it’s all about Shakira’s height, weight, and other measurements, but before we delve into that, give us the chance to ‘toot’ her horn a bit. She was born, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, on February 2, 1977.

She has definitely come a long way since then, as she is currently an accomplished Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. She first made her mark in the Latin American market with the release of her first studio albums, Magia and Peligro, in the early 1990s.

The English market did not get the ‘Shakira experience’, till the release of her fifth studio album, Laundry Service, with the hit single ‘Whenever, Wherever’, which went on to become the best-selling single of 2002.

Shakira Height, Weight and Other Body Measurements

Soon after, the even more popular Hips Don’t Lie came out as part of her Oral Fixation album, but it was her official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)‘ that really blew. It became the biggest-selling World Cup song of all time.

Shakira’s height in the music industry can be termed as a ‘goal’ for a lot of upcoming artists and it is quite commendable, but today it’s all about the star’s statistics, so without further ado let’s check out Shakira’s height.

Shakira’s Height

You don’t need a seer to tell you that our girl Shakira is a bit on the petite side… did we say a bit? She’s completely on the petite side. The star stands not so tall at 5 feet 2 inches, but when it comes to her, no one doubts the saying ‘good things come in small packages.

There are a lot of people that contest the fact that the star is 5 feet 2 inches though, even more so, they contest the fact that she stands as tall as 5 feet, yikes! Word on the street is that the ‘Hips Don’t Lie‘ singer is 4 feet 11 inches and on a good day she could be 5 feet and not an inch more.

Shakira Height, Weight and Other Body Measurements

She might be 5 feet 2 or she might be applying the Hollywood 2 inches, either way, the star doesn’t seem to mind her stature… anymore. When asked about her height, this is what she had to say, ‘When I was little, they used to make up all kinds of things, always playing on my name, like Cachita instead of Shakira.’

She added, ‘And now I get Shak, Shak Attack, Shaki, Shakazulu, Shakarita…but my classmates also used to call me Enana, which means dwarf, because I was always the tiniest one in my class. Actually, I like being petite. When you’re small, people tend to protect you and treat you in a soft, gentle way. And I like that. I like getting demonstrations of love and affection.’

So there is proof that she embraces her ‘small’, now here’s a list of some other celebs who have no choice but to embrace theirs too. Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, and Nicki Minaj all share Shakira’s height.

Shakira’s Weight

Weight is a slippery slope for a short person, even more so for an international pop star, so it’s no doubt that we won’t be seeing an overweight Shakira anytime soon, but rumor has it that she was quite heavy as a teenager. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the star admitted that she had a “plump” figure during her teen years.

Mainly because she was more focused on training her voice and launching her career than her body image. We believe her exact words were, ‘As a teenager I was plump but my appearance wasn’t so important at that time, I know that image in this profession is a matter of opinion.

She added, ‘I think the external appearance in show business is important and over the years I’ve discovered my assets.’ Oh yes, she has, so what does the scale actually read when Shakira steps in it? The singer weighs 53 kg and she wears it well.

Shakira Body Measurements

In addition to Shakira’s height and weight, here are some of her other measurements. The star has a pear-shaped body and as usual, we have the statistics to prove it.  Her breast measures 34 inches, her waist is 24 inches and her hips are 37 inches.

In case you were wondering how dainty her feet are, here’s her shoe size. She wears a US size 7, European sizes 37-38, and a UK size 5.