Shane Dawson Net Worth 2021: Is He Rich & How Does He Make His Money?

Being one of the very first people to have achieved fame on the video-sharing platform YouTube, it would not be far fetched for one to assume that Shane Dawson’s net worth is amongst the highest of all the YouTube content creators. The California native who began making and posting videos on the website in 2008, when he was nineteen years of age, has since gone ahead to operate multiple channels that focus on a variety of things. However, since 2017, he has maintained just one active channel that is one of the 100 most subscribed YouTube channels.

Furthermore, Dawson has moved to have a number of careers outside the internet world, most of which are in the entertainment world while others have taken him outside his comfort zone. Read on to find out exactly how much the media personality is worth, if he is indeed rich as many think, and what exactly he was able to do to become a high earner.

Shane Dawson Net Worth – Is He Rich?

Being a millionaire in any of the major currencies of the world certainly qualifies one to be described as rich. With that, Shane Dawson, whose net worth is estimated to be around $12 million, is a rich man. He was able to make bank by not just posting videos on YouTube that have accumulated over 5 billion views, but by also venturing into the more traditional forms of entertainment. This includes him starring, directing, and/or producing films and making music that have made it to the charts. He has also earned a good amount of money from authoring two New York Bestselling books.

How Does He Make His Money?

As mentioned above, Shane Dawson began posting videos on YouTube in March 2008, when he was nineteen. His first channel on the website was called “ShaneDawsonTV” and one of his very first videos which is still available to be viewed today was titled “Kermit the Frog and Me”.

Due to the need of uploading videos frequently on the platform, Dawson who was, at the time, an employee of the weight loss, management, and nutrition company – Jenny Craig, was fired for having recorded and uploaded a video of him pole dancing in the company building. A number of other employees who appeared in the video, including his mother and brother, also found themselves without a job due to this.

Regardless of the disappointment that the loss of a job might have caused him, Shane Dawson continued to upload videos and thus became one of the more famous internet celebrities. The very popular “Fred is Dead!” video, which has since received over 25 million views, was uploaded around this time. By 2010, all of Dawson’s videos had managed to garner over 500 million views, prompting Forbes magazine to name him as the 25th most famous web celebrity in the world.

By the early 2010s, Shane Dawson had started operating a number of channels and thus began to diversify on the kind of content he was putting up. A significant portion of his earlier work consisted of sketch comedy videos where he would either play original characters or impersonate celebrities as he made light of popular culture. He was then able to add a vlog to the type of content he was creating, as he also made parodies of popular music videos.

In a number of his vlogs, Dawson spoke about his interest in making music and either a TV show or a film. He would later go on to announce that he was working to create a television show with Happy Madison Productions, Sony Pictures, and some other YouTubers before later releasing a number of songs, one of which was the 2012 single titled “SUPERLUV!” which peaked at 16 on the UK Indie Chart and 163 on the UK Singles Chart. While adding a little bit more money to his already growing net worth, Shane Dawson was further propelled to continue making music, however, none of his later releases have managed to chart anywhere.

Another avenue where Shane Dawson was able to significantly add to his net worth was by authoring two New York Bestselling books. In 2015, he released a memoir titled I Hate Myselfie that recounted his most embarrassing and inspiring life stories. The following year, he released the book It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays which came along with a short film of the same name where he also narrated a few bizarre incidents in his life.