Shane Deary Biography and 7 Facts You Must Know About Him

Shane Deary Biography and 7 Facts You Must Know About Him

Many may know him as just the ex-husband of American actress and dancer Keri Russell, but fact remains that Shane Deary was not just a husband but one of the few who would do everything and anything to stand by their wives at all times and although they are now separated, the duo will not deny that they’ve played important roles in each other’s lives.

Unlike Keri who is an award-winning actress best known for her role as Felicity Porter on the series Felicity, which ran from 1998 to 2002, and for which she won a Golden Globe Award, Shane Deary is a craftsman and contractor who met Keri through a mutual friend. Here are a few facts you should know about Shane Deary.

Shane Deary’s Biography

There is no available information about Shane’s family siblings or parents, only that he is the son of one of the most respected contractors in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He reportedly grew up with his father in a house he built. While in high school, Shane exhibited his talent as a craft man especially in the areas of furniture making. He has a younger brother whose name is unknown.

His wife Keri is an American born on March 23, 1976, in Fountain Valley, California, to a homemaker Stephanie and a Nissan Motors executive, David Russell. She has two siblings – Todd and Julie and she began her career first as a dancer from age 15 when she got a major spot as a dancer in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. She lived with her family in different places including Coppell, Texas; Mesa, Arizona; and Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Their frequent movement was prompted by the nature of her father’s job.

Keri rose to fame after she took up the role of Felicity Porter on the television series Felicity, which ran from 1998 to 2002. The TV series earned her a Golden Globe Award. She met Shane in 2002, just a few years after she moved to New York City with her parents. Keri is also known for her roles in such films as Mission: Impossible III, August Rush, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Extraordinary Measure, and Waitress, among many others.

7 Facts You Must Know About Shane Deary

He is an Amateur Surfer: Alongside his job as a carpenter, the handsome and easy-going Shane is also trying to perfect his skills as a surfer.

Shane has a Secret Garden Gate: The Vineyard was one of the things that attracted Keri to him. While they were still together, Shane and his two kids usually visit and play together in the garden, especially when they choose not to go out.

Shane Dated Keri for one Year before they got Married: Shane got engaged to Keri in 2006 and they tied the nuptial knot in February 2007. The Valentine’s Day wedding was a private and intimate ceremony with only close friends and family in attendance. Interestingly, the wedding took place on a snowy night in downtown Manhattan. After exchanging their vows, a reception followed at the Harrison Restaurant in Tribeca. The reception venue was just an available location on that day.

Keri was Pregnant before Marriage: Keri was five months pregnant with Shane’s first baby, at the time of their wedding. They wanted to get married before she gave birth. They welcomed their son, River, in the same year. The boy was born in 2007 and in 2011, they had their second child, a girl named Willa.

Shane Deary Biography and 7 Facts You Must Know About Him
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Shane was not Keri’s First Love: The beautiful dancer had a good list of people she dated before meeting the handsome amateur surfer. She dated Tony Lucca and Scott Speedman, her Felicity co-star. Her relationship with the latter was ongoing even while she was married to Shane.

Shane and Keri Remained Married for Four Years: Shane filed a divorce paper against Keri in 2013, after their four-year-old relationship, citing intense misunderstanding and complications in their marriage. However, the duo appears to still be on amicable terms for the sake of their children despite Keri claiming that she is capable of taking parental care of her children alone. Unfortunately for Kerry, her New York home was burgled at that time.

Shane is Probably still Single: While there is no further news about Shane, Keri currently has another son named Sam. She had the little boy in late May 2016 while in a relationship with her new boyfriend, co-star Matthew Rhys. They got married in 2013, the same year Shane divorced her.