Shannon Sharpe’s Family: Does The Former NFL Star Have Wife or Kids

he name Shannon Sharpe will always remain a favorite among Denver Broncos fans for a long time to come because of his loyalty to the club. Shannon spent all but one year of his 13-year career at the Denver Broncos with the exception being the 2000/2001 season when he played for the Baltimore Ravens. The retired tight end won 3 Super Bowl championships, was named to the Pro Bowl eight times and was in August 2011, inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Post-retirement, Shannon Sharpe, atypical of retired sports stars became a TV presenter and has been equally successful at it. He has no doubt had a very successful career, but not exactly the same can be said about his family life. Here is a look at Shannon Sharpe’s family including facts about his personal life.

Shannon Sharpe Early Life and Family

Shannon Sharpe who was born on June 26, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, came from a very humble background. Sharpe was raised in penury in Glennville, Georgia. The famous footballer once joked about how poor his family was that they had to rob a robber who’d broken into their home to rob them. Shannon Sharpe’s family includes his mother, Mary Alice Dixon, and father, Pete Sharpe who both divorced when Shannon was barely 3 years old. His family also includes two siblings, a sister named Sherra Sharpe and an older brother named Sterling Sharpe. Shannon’s most known sibling is his older brother Sterling Sharpe who had a short NFL career that was truncated by injuries.

Who is the Former NFL Star‘s Brother – Sterling Sharpe?

Sterling Sharpe was born on the 6th of April 1965 in Chicago, Illinois and like his younger brother was raised in Glennville, Georgia with help from their grandparents. His interest in football was ignited at the local high school – Glennville High School where he played in many positions including as a running back, quarterback and linebacker. Sterling also played basketball and ran track but it was football that piqued his interest most.

Following high school, he attended the University of South Carolina, where he so much so broke school records that his jersey number 2 was retired while he still played for the varsity team in 1987 making him the second person in the team’s history to be given the honor. With thumping college numbers, Sterling Shannon was a top NFL prospect. He was picked in the first round of the 1988 NFL Draft with the seventh overall draft pick by the Green Bay Packers.

Sterling made an immediate impact on his team as a wide receiver. He continued to set and break, even his own records until 1994 when a neck injury brought an end to his career. Two years later in 1996, his team the Packers won the Super Bowl, but unfortunately, Sterling could not get a ring. A huge sign proving the Sharpe family’s strong bond was Shannon gifting his brother Sterling the first three Super Bowl rings he won. In 2014 the Packers inducted Sterling into the Packers Hall of Fame.

After Shannon’s brother retired in 1994, he joined the NFL Network as a sports analyst, a step that younger brother Sterling would come to follow after his own retirement in 2003. It is quite obvious that Shannon idolizes his elder brother Sterling. Many times during his playing years he credited his brother with helping him become a man.

Facts About Shannon Sharpe’s Family Life

Unfortunately, Shannon Sharpe’s romantic life has not been nearly been as successful as his professional football career. Shannon Sharpe is not married and has never had a wife. The closest he came to being a married man was in 2016 when he got engaged to fitness instructor, Katy Kellner. There were many indications that the two could end up married but unfortunately, it never happened. Kellner even went as far as changing her Twitter Bio to “fiancée to #84” – with #84 being Shannon’s jersey number at Broncos. Both had met at a gym in Thousand Oaks California before hitting it off.

Things were quiet from the two for a long while before the news of Katy’s pregnancy in 2018 explained why. The two had obviously long broken up as the father of Katy’s baby was revealed to be another man named Marlon Byrd. Katy birthed a son named Jayden in December 2018. Though Shannon Sharpe has never been married, he has three children from two previous relationships. His kids include two daughters Kayla and Kaley and a son, named Kiari. Sharpe’s kids are said to be living with their respective mothers.

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