Shareef Malnik, Gabrielle Anwar’s Husband – Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Other than being popular as a successful restauranteur or as an actor, Shareef Malnik is mostly know as the husband of popular English-American actress . This is not to say that Shareef has not been successful in the pursuit of his career but his wife’s fame takes the better part of his identity whenever his name is mentioned. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you all there is to know about Gabrielle’s husband starting from his background, to his career, of course, his relationship life and every other fact we gathered about him.

Shareef Malnik – Bio

Shareef Malnik is an Aquarian, he was born on the 18th of February in the year 1958 to an American businessman, attorney, and philanthropist Alvin Malnik. Details about his mother have hardly ever been made public except for her name Debbie. In case you are wondering if his father is the same Malnik who bought and sold the rights to the movie-machine Scopitone as well as purchased and remodeled The Forge restaurant in Miami Beach with his friend Jay Weiss, yes, it is the same Alvin Malnik.

Shareef holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity. He grew up in Miami, Florida alongside his three younger biological siblings named Andrea, Susan, Allison Malnik. He also has step-siblings from his father’s second marriage to Nancy Gresham in 1995 and they are Nathan, Jarod, Spencer (who are triplets), Sterling, Noah (who are twins), and Jesse. Seeing that his father was a rich man, we have every reason to believe that Shareef probably had the best of childhood.

For his education, the details of where Shareef Malnik attended high school is not yet known. However, some sources inferred that he holds a degree in law from the University of Miami. In addition to this and going by how successful he has been in his business endeavors, other online reports opined that he probably holds another degree in a business related discipline.

Shareef Malnik though more famously known as the husband of the famous actress Gabrielle Anwar, has nonetheless done pretty well for himself in the pursuit of his business career as well as in acting. Shareef has film credits in Just Cause (1995), The Blackout (1997) and Cafe and Tobacco (2003). As you can infer, he is not very much active as an actor but the contributions he has made in the industry in his own little way are hardly ever negligible.

Coming over to his business pursuits, Malnik’s father Alvin Ira Malnik in the year 1968 bought and remodeled The Forge Restaurant in Miami Beach with his late friend, Jay Weiss. The duo gave the business a new life as when it opened its doors for business in 1969, it was dubbed Miami’s most glamorous destination with celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Bebe Reboso, Richard Nixon and others trouping in and out.

Shareef Malnik took over the helms of affairs of the restaurant in 1991. This was an era where the business seemed to be living in its past glory with many of their famed oldest and rarest wine collection failing to meet up to their high standards. In addition, most of their patronage at the time were coming from Miami’s middle class as it was no longer a convergence place for the crème de la crème of that time. The downward business trend aside from being caused partly by operating with an obsolete business model was also partly brought about as a result of Hurricane Andrew’s devastating effect in South Florida.

However, Shareef being a true son of his father, he got to work immediately and gradually restored the restaurant to its glory days if not better. To this day, The Forge still holds its ground as a world-class dining and entertainment venue which continues to attract celebrities from all over the world.

Relationship With Gabrielle Anwar

As you can see above, there is a lot more to Shareef Malnik other than being the doting husband of Gabrielle Anwar which is what most people actually know him for. Be that as it may, his marriage to the actress no doubt in one and/or several ways contributed to his fame today.

The duo first met in 2010 and began dating afterward. They got engaged sometime in 2014 and in the following year, precisely on the 6th of September 2015, they got married in Montana and have remained together since then. There are no words yet on the couple having any kids but it is a known fact that Gabrielle has 3 kids from two previous relationships.

Gabrielle Anwar was first married to with whom she had a daughter named Willow in 1993. They later divorced and she thereafter got married to John Verea and had two kids with him; a son named Hugo and daughter named Paisley. Shareef Malnik reportedly plays the role of a step-father to these kids.

Net Worth

Being born in wealth, more so he grew to become a successful businessman, Shareef Malnik has done well for himself and his family. The University of Miami Law graduate has a net worth estimated to be about $1.1 million.

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