Is Shaun White Married? How Old is He and Who is The Wife or Girlfriend?

The name Shaun White is one that resonates through the sports world as he is a highly skilled professional skateboarder and snowboarder. He is also a sportsman who is well decorated in his professional life. Shaun White has won three Olympic gold medals and 10 ESPY Awards. To date, he is the proud holder of the record for the most Olympic gold medals, as well as the most X-Games gold medals by a snowboarder. Do read on for more interesting information about his early life, relationship and more.

Who is Shaun White and How Old is He?

Shaun Roger White was born to father, Roger White, and mother, Cathy White, on the 3rd of September 1986, in San Diego, California. Due to his parent’s lineage, he has Italian and Irish ancestry. His mom was a waitress and his dad was a plumber who worked for the city of San Clemente. Shaun has two siblings named Jesse White and Kari White.

One thing many people do not know about him is the fact that he was born with a condition known as “Tetralogy of Fallot,”(a congenital heart defect). As a result of this condition, he had to undergo double open-heart operations before he was one year old. As a kid, he had a whole lot of adventures because his parents were very adventurous. Usually, there would be occasions when the entire family would go on road trips to resorts where they could be close to the snow in other for them to go snowboarding.

Being that his parents were not so buoyant financially to always lodge in such resorts, they decided to purchase a van in which the family slept in and travelled with. Though he didn’t quite fancy snowboarding at the time, it was his elder brother that really influenced him to take it seriously and before long, he began to show an uncanny talent for the skateboarding.

Turning Professional

At a very young age, he had a few destinations where he liked to ride around. Some of them include; the Bear Mountain, San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, Okemo Mountain and the small ski resorts found in Ludlow, Vermont. By the time he was seven, Shaun White’s talents on the skateboard caught the attention of professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk, who took a special interest in him.

Hawk then opted to train and mentor the young lad into the formidable professional he grew to become. By the time was 17, Shaun began winning coveted titles including the Summer and Winter X Games, Action Sports Tour Championship and more.

Is Shaun White Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Shaun White is yet to clinch the title of a married man. We are guessing he plans to hold on to his bachelorhood for a few more years. However, he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend who goes by the name, . Interestingly, she is 3 years older than him and just like Shaun, Sarah is a popular figure. She is a singer and performing artiste who is a member of the music band named Phantogram. Shaun has revealed that they both met backstage at Saturday Night Live in 2013.

At the time of their meeting, Shaun was house-hunting in New York City while Sarah (born in New York City) was a resident in Brooklyn. As a couple, they both reside in Los Angeles. They are still together with their relationship looking stronger than ever and we won’t be surprised if wedding bells chime real soon.

Details of His Net Worth

Shaun White is no doubt one of the wealthiest Olympians in recent times as he earns a huge payout as both a skateboarder and snowboarder. Due to his impeccable talents, he has big-time sponsors including Red Bull GmbH, Burton Snowboards, Target Corporation, and Adio Footwear who support his brand.

In addition to this, he owns his own company called Shaun White Enterprises which was initially managed by his mum Cathy White. But after the business grew too big, it had to be handed over to a professional manager. All these and more do well to place Shaun White’s net worth at a whopping $40 million.

Height And Weight

When it comes to his body features, Shaun White stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.75 m), paired with a perfect weight of 70kg (154 lbs). From these figures, it can be deduced that the sportsman is working well to maintain a good body mass index (BMI).

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