Shelby Chesnes – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Shelby Chesnes has a story of persistence and strong self-belief that helped her guide her to where she is today. While growing up, all she had ever wanted was to become a model, but as a result of her height of only five feet three inches, her dream seemed almost impossible to achieve.

Nonetheless, she kept pushing until she made her way through to become a Playboy model, actress, and entrepreneur. But while her popularity as a model came about from her work with Playboy, Chesnes has also modeled for many other brands high profile brands. Read on to find out some interesting facts you need to know about the beauty.

5 Interesting Facts About Shelby Chesnes

1. She Was Born In Florida

It was on February 14, 1991, in Jupiter, Florida that Shelby Chesnes was born. She was also brought up in the same state by her mother who was an amateur photographer. As a result of her mother’s photography interest, a young Chesnes was always taken to the Florida beaches where she would pose for pictures. The little girl soon fell in love with the camera and that became one of her main motivations of wanting to become a model.

When she was in high school, she was said to be a cheerleader who was in the all-star competitive cheerleading team. After her graduation, she proceeded to study psychology at Florida Atlantic University.

2. She Was Playboy’s Social Star of 2014

Although she had also wanted to be a model, her path to achieving her dream was not easy, most especially because she only has a height of five feet three inches which made modeling jobs very hard to come by.

Because of this, the Florida native decided to complete her education by obtaining a college degree. At the same time, she was also running a spray-tan business which she was able to build to a point of success. More so, she came to be very much interested in fitness, which also got her to become obsessed with nutrition and exercise.

But despite the success she was enjoying in her business, Shelby Chesnes still hoped to become a model. As the story goes, in 2012, the aspiring model, without ever having read a Playboy Magazine or knowing much about it, submitted her profile and was lucky enough to get a contract. She shared the awesome news with her mother who showed support for her as she was then selected as Miss July 2012 of the magazine. In 2014, she was named the “social star” of Playboy Magazine for her strong presence on social media.

3. Other Engagements

Apart from her work with the famous adult magazine, Chesnes has worked with other magazines and also attempted to become an actress.

As a model, she is represented by VFD Models, the agency she signed with in 2013. Through them, she has gone ahead to model for various brands. As an actress, she appeared in the 2013 movie Las Vegas which featured A-list actors such as , , , and . She also had an appearance on Playboy Cyber Girls TV documentary series as well as an uncredited role in the comedy film Horrible Bosses 2 in 2014. Since has since that time not appeared in any more movies.

4. She Is A Romantic

Born on Valentine’s day, the Playboy model has revealed that she is a romantic person who prefers men that are hard to get. She further describes herself as a modern girl with an old fashioned heart when it comes to relationships as she likes to be “romanced”. That said, her relationship life has remained very much away from the public, as it is not known if she is seeing anyone.


5. Height and Body Measurements

Almost without any argument, Shelby Chesnes is a very pretty woman. But as mentioned above, she is certainly not the tallest model you would ever come across, thanks to her height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m). The well-toned body model further weighs about 100 lbs (45 kg).

Revealing that she has never had any form of surgery or implants to enhance her looks, her bust, waist, and hips measure 33 inches, 25 inches, and 35 inches, respectively.

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