Who Is Sheri Moon Zombie, Rob Zombie’s Wife? 6 Facts You Should Know

Who Is Sheri Moon Zombie, Rob Zombie’s Wife? 6 Facts You Should Know

Rob Zombie’s wife is a bundle of talent who appears unassuming. She is a talented actress, dancer, model, and fashion designer who has mostly worked with her husband in all her creative endeavors. Sheri Moon Zombie is really intelligent and has a creative eye for details and her husband has come to value her opinion when it comes to his creative works. She is popular for featuring in horror movies all of which her husband directed.

Who Is Sheri Moon Zombie?

Born Sheri Lyn Skurkis in San Jose, California on the 26th of September 1970. Her parents – William and Carol Skurkis raised her in Torrington, Connecticut. (She will later change her name legally to Sheri Moon and then Sheri Moon Zombie after her marriage to Rob Zombie – her longtime boyfriend).

Sheri attended Plainville High School, Connecticut, and relocated to Los Angeles, California in her teens. She moved back and forth between Connecticut and California to seek work and for her schooling. Her dream was to become a cartoon voice-over artist and she began to take classes to horn her voice and harness her skills. She also had her sights on becoming an MTV VJ and studied at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting briefly before she became distracted with going on tour with her then-boyfriend – Rob Zombie.

Sheri met Rob in 1993 at a Connecticut club where they were introduced by a mutual friend. Sheri was initially standoffish but soon warmed up to him. The pair soon began to date and to be able to be with her man, Sheri went on tour with him and his band – White Zombie. After Rob started his solo singing career, she appeared in several of his music videos as a dancer, she made 4 appearances in their videos while he was still in White Zombie and made 11 appearances in his solo music videos. They dated for nine years before getting married in 2002 on Halloween day.

Who Is Sheri Moon Zombie, Rob Zombie’s Wife? 6 Facts You Should Know
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6 facts You Should Know About Sheri Moon Zombie

1. Sheri Moon Zombie Passion for Fashion

Sheri is a fashion designer. She has always been a fashion enthusiast and even created some costumes for the White Zombie band before they disbanded. She created her own clothing line named Total Skull which was launched in May 2006. The line features a variety of long and short sleeve T-shirts, hats, hoodies, masks, scarfs, and bandanas for both men and women.

2. Career in Acting

Sheri has revealed that she didn’t set out to become an actress but it was just something that she got into as she progressed in her life and career. Sheri Moon Zombie first appeared in two short productions by her husband in 1999 before she appeared as “Baby Firefly” in his 2003 House of 1000 Corpses. She has appeared in all her husband’s movies to date.

3. Does Sheri Have Any Children?

One question that fans of the stunning actress won’t stop asking is if she has any children. Sheri continues to defile conventional society by showing that a relationship and marriage are first about companionship before anything else. Her husband once revealed in a 2005 interview that he doesn’t really like kids and isn’t sure how he will feel should Sheri become pregnant. Fourteen years after, we doubt if anything has changed.

4. Creative Relationship With Husband

Rob Zombie has revealed several times that he values Sheri’s opinion when it comes to his creative works. He admits that in an industry where it’s difficult to trust anyone, Sheri is one constant source of support for him and she is always the first to read all of his creative works. Speaking on her husband’s confidence in her opinion, Sheri attributes it to her honesty. She says she isn’t a ‘Yes man’ and always gives a candid assessment and opinion. The couple collaborates closely on many of their films.

5. Awards and Recognitions

For someone who has admitted that she used to worry about being labeled ‘the director’s wife, Sheri has earned several prestigious awards for her outstanding performances in horror movies which have proved that she really knows her onions. Some of her recognitions include the Spike TV Scream Award for ‘Most Vile Villian’ for her part in The Devil’s Reject in 2006, Chainsaw Award (2006), and Eyegore Award (2007). In 2007, she was also named as one of the modern era’s ‘Scream Queens’ by USA Today.

6. Physical Statistics

Sheri Moon Zombie doesn’t look close to 50 years of age. The stunning model turned actress has maintained her looks and stature which has made her more popular among her male fans. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and the blond and blue-eyed designer weighs around 59kg and has body measurements of 36-26-36 inches.