Sheridan Smith – Biography, Husband Or Boyfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Sheridan Smith – Biography, Husband Or Boyfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Sheridan Smith has a spot among highly talented British entertainers as the actress is known to have won several prestigious awards including a BAFTA and an Oliver Award. Her notable works include Grownups, Love Soup, Gavin & Stacey, Benidorm, as well as Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps to name a few. The talented actress is also a bold and courageous star who has seen both the good and bad sides of life but still came out strong.

Let’s take you through her bio, romantic life, and other facts about Sheridan Smith in this write-up.

Sheridan Smith – Biography

Sheridan Smith was born in Epworth in Lincolnshire, England, on June 25, 1981. She was born into a show business-oriented family as her great-great-grandfather was a performer, known for his banjo playing skills while her parents, Colin and Marilyn were entertainers who had occasional tours in which they performed as musical duos with her father playing the guitar skillfully. Sheridan had two siblings named Julian and Damian however at eight, she lost her eldest brother Julian to cancer.

As a kid, Sheridan Smith was made to participate in a couple of talent shows as well as in competitions and there’s no doubt that her parents’ career in the entertainment industry rubbed off on her. By the time she turned 4, she was already dancing and at seven, she had started performing with her parents. To further groom her skills, Sheridan was sent to Joyce Mason School of Dancing to study dance after which she went to South Axholme Community School where she had an outstanding performance in the performing arts and later attended John Legott College at Lincolnshire. In addition to formal education, her mother also made out time to train her in the art of performing.


As a teenager, Sheridan was privileged to go to the National Youth Music Theatre, which was between 1995 and 2001. There, she debuted Tallulah in a musical and comedy movie called Bugsy Malone, she also featured in productions like Pendragon and Into the Woods. In 1999, she featured for the first time in the TV show Dark Ages after which, she featured in quite a number of movies.

Over the years, Sheridan Smith has been in a handful of films and shows which have earned her many nominations and awards. In 2011, the movie Legally Blonde got her the title of Best Actress in a Musical by Laurence Olivier Awards and Best Actress in a Musical by Audience Awards. She won two awards for the movie Mrs. Biggs, a BAFTA TV award for Best Actress and Women in Film, and a Television Awards for Best Performance. Furthermore, in the drama series, Cilia landed the title of Best Actress by TV Choice Award and Best Drama Performance by National Television Awards. Sheridan Smith also earned the title of Best Actress in a Visiting Production by Manchester Theatre Awards for her role in the movie Funny Girl and another Best Actress title from Audience Awards for her role in the play Heda Gabler.

Struggle With Depression

Though she has enjoyed a thriving career, the multiple award-winning actresses shared some information which one would have considered private. This concerns the turbulent waters she overcame during her battle with anxiety, alcohol, and the loss of her dad. Sheridan Smith, in an interview, admitted that she had issues with her mental health and confessed that her life fell apart when she heard the news that her dad had been diagnosed with cancer. Having lost her brother to cancer, she said it made her relapse into depression and anxiety. However, she was able to pull through and after her survival, she shot a movie Cillia with the storyline of a mother and wife who suffered from mental health and due to that, was disregarded despite her efforts.

Sheridan Smith Net Worth

Surprisingly but true, Sheridan has a net worth of a whopping $20 million for which her acting contributed the largest part. As a musician, she is also recognized and received 2 nominations from Classic Brits Award in 2018 for the categories – Female Artist of the Year and Classic FM Album of the Year.

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Relationship: Husband Or Boyfriend?

Unfortunately, Sheridan Smith hasn’t really been lucky in her relationships as she has been in several romantic affairs which didn’t last long. She had an affair with Greg Wood, a married man who abandoned his wife of 10 years for a romantic escapade with Sheridan, their love story didn’t last beyond 2016. She admitted after another affair with model Graham Nation which ended shortly after it started, that she wasn’t good at picking men. Another name on the list of her failed relationships is her co-star James Corden who she met on the set for Gavin & Stacey in which they played the role of siblings. The pair are said to have dated for a period of 2 years before they separated.

After her romantic escapade with James, Sheridan Smith started dating Jamie Horn an insurance broker who is much younger than she is as sources have it that they have an eight-year age gap. However, irrespective of their age difference, Jamie proposed to the actress with a very expensive ring which is said to have cost him about 10,000 pounds. Although they have not publicly declared that they are married, rumors have it that the pair have tied the knot in a secret wedding. They are also seen together in public with gold rings on their fingers and Jamie has moved in with Sheridan in her London house.

Height, Weight

The actress is rather on the short side when it comes to her height as she is 5 ft 2 inches or 157 cm tall. According to the information that is available at the moment, her weight on record is 60 kg or 132 pounds.