Sherrill Sajak – Bio, Wiki, Kids, Facts About Pat Sajak Wife

Sherrill Sajak – Bio, Wiki, Kids, Facts About Pat Sajak Wife

American television and show business have always been a strong force and a large contributor to the entertainment business. It has also produced a myriad of success stories like in the case of Pat Sajak. And by reason of his success, the spotlight naturally shone on everything about him, in this case including his then-wife, Sherrill Sajak.

Sherrill became a celebrity when she tied the knot with the one-time weatherman and host of the iconic game show, Wheel of Fortune. People have continued to ask about the events in her life all these years after her split from Pat. Here we delve into everything there is to know about the former celebrity wife and her relationship with the television personality.

Sherrill Sajak – Bio (Wiki)

Sherrill was born sometime in 1945 and her middle name is James. When it comes to celebrity status, no information concerning her was public knowledge. She was unknown and even after she got married to Pat, details about her life that people expected would naturally spill stayed hidden.

She managed to keep her birthplace, parents’ identity, siblings, education details, and everything else under lock and key. No one knows about her life and career before or after her time as a celebrity spouse. As a result, all that is known about Sherrill are tied to her relationship with Pat Sajak.

Relationship With Pat Sajak

Sherrill Sajak’s time in the spotlight began when she met Pat Sajak sometime in 1978. The exact timeline of their meeting and how they got to meet each other has never been revealed by either Pat or Sherrill. This was before Pat was contacted to become the host of the critically acclaimed game show.

As their love and affection grew stronger, they decided to make it official. Sherrill got married to Pat the following year after their meeting, in 1979. The ceremony took place with their family members and closest friends in attendance.

Two years after their marriage, in 1981, Sherrill’s husband got the biggest role of his career – to host Wheel of Fortune. With this gig came untold fame and status for Pat and Sherrill. They became an established ‘It’ couple. But not everything was rosy. As his fame grew, so did the demands of the show. Consequently, Sherrill’s husband found it difficult to handle his commitment to the show and to his wife at the same time.

Sherrill Sajak – Bio, Wiki, Kids, Facts About Pat Sajak Wife
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They thought that they would spend time forever together, however, they were soon to learn that life can have other plans. Their union continued to deteriorate until finally, they knew they couldn’t continue on that path. Sherrill Sajak and Pat decided to go their separate ways in 1986. This was after almost a decade together as man and wife.

The divorce proceedings were far from smooth-sailing and it could easily have graduated into something they may have regretted. Thankfully, it didn’t. It also could have been much worse if the couple had given birth to any children in the time they were married. However, Sherrill and Pat had no kids together.

After the divorce was final, Sherrill Sajak disappeared from the spotlight, the same way she had come into Pat’s life. The split happened more than 30 years ago, and yet in that time, nothing has been heard from the former celebrity wife. There is no information to clarify if she moved on with her life and got married. Or if she ended up having children with someone else.

Her ex-husband, meanwhile eventually moved on with his life. He stayed unmarried for three years after the divorce before he moved to marry a woman named Lesly Brown in 1989. And he has stayed married to her ever since.

Other Facts About Pat Sajak’s Wife

1. Sherrill Sajak bears the same middle name as her ex-husband’s son

After her divorce from Pat, her ex-husband has gone on to have a fulfilling family life with Lesly Brown. Not only has he been married for over three decades, but he also has two children of his own. He and Lesly have a son, Patrick Michael James, born September 1990, and a daughter, Maggie Marie, born January 5, 1995. Some people believe that his son’s middle name, James, is a nod to his relationship with Sherrill.

2. Her ex-husband’s daughter is a musician

It seems that Maggie, like her father, has the talent for entertainment and show business. She is working hard to become an established name in the genre of country music. A versatile music head, Maggie plays multiple instruments like the piano, ukulele, and guitar. She is an excellent songwriter as well and has released a few of her songs in the last few years. She also combines this with her education at Princeton and her time as a model appearing in magazines like Teen Vogue.

3. Her ex-husband’s wife is a professional photographer

Unlike Sherrill whom Pat’s fans knew nothing about, Lesly Brown at least has something going for her on the career front. The Wheel of Fortune host’s wife makes a living as a professional photographer. She does not owe her career to her showman husband as she was already a photographer before she met him and has only continued to grow her career since then.

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