Shoe0nhead – Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Family Facts

This YouTuber at times seems to have been born in the wrong era. A time where people have become increasingly sensitive to the slightest, often negligible offense. That notwithstanding, Shoe0nhead is not scared to say her mind about anything, even if it means stepping on a few or a lot of toes. Her stance on many hot button societal issues has seen her lean both to the right and to the left. To clear up the confusion, the social media influencer has identified as apolitical.

Shoe0nhead, whose real name is June, started her Youtube career in 2010 but it took a few failures and a hiatus to make her way back to Youtube and for her social media career to finally gain ground. Since then, she has been known for addressing a lot of sensitive topics with her usual unbiased but tough approach. June is a tough nut to crack and seems immune to backlash from people. Little wonder she loves to employ a self-deprecating style of humor in her videos.

Shoe0nhead’s Biography, Age

The Youtuber was born June Nicole Laipne on June 22, 1991. Details of her formative years and educational qualifications are not known. Growing up, June has always been enthralled by the art of filmmaking; she spent a lot of time making movies as a child and well into her teenage years. Shoe0nhead started her first Youtube venture in 2008 with her friends Andrew, Faith, and Sarah. The channel was titled JAFSProductions, with a letter taken from each of their first names.

On the channel, they recorded comedy-themed videos and skits. The channel did not last long, however, they broke up because her friends did not have as much passion in video making as June did. In 2010, she started her University education, pursuing a degree in film. She also created her Shoe0nhead channel in June 2010 and started uploading mainly vlogs.

This was followed by a dark period in her life when she quit college, believing she was not cut out to be a film director. She also deleted all the videos on her channel and took up employment at Macy’s, working at the cosmetics section. She also started contributing articles for The Libertarian Republic but eventually quit that as well.

Shoe0nhead wanted to make a short response video in 2014 to her friends who were posting about their pro-feminist views. She opted against posting the video on her personal Facebook page because she did not want it to look like she was calling them out. So, she posted in on her forgotten Youtube channel, thinking it wouldn’t get any views. However, the video was shared by another YouTuber known as Thunderf00t and it went viral from there.

Since then, she has continued to work on her channel and has recorded significant growth and viewership over the years. As of June 2019, Sheo0nhead has recorded over 88 million total views on her channel. Her most popular video titled ‘”questions” for men answered by women’ was uploaded on February 1, 2016, and has received over 8 million views.

The Youtuber also has a second channel titled misandryqu33n. Here she uploads videos as a satirical character with the same name as the channel. She launched the channel on November 16, 2015. It has been quiet since it’s creation though as she has only uploaded two videos on it since its launch.

Shoe0nhead’s videos have spoken out against everything from social justice warriors, and feminists to Donald Trump. The Youtuber believes that the recent wave of the feminist movement has taken things too far. She believes the movement is toxic, irrelevant in the first world and poses a serious threat to the harmony between men and women. She used to be a proponent of some of Donald Trump’s policies like his war on Islamic terrorism. However, she has since transitioned to outrightly opposing him.

Boyfriend and Family Facts

Shoe0nhead has maintained the shroud of secrecy around information concerning the members of her family. It is not known whether she has any siblings or what her parents do for a living.

The social media star has made time for love and romance in her life though. She is in a relationship with fellow Youtuber known as Armoured Skeptic whose real name is Gregory Fluhrer. It is not clear when they started dating, however, Gregory popped the question on New Year’s of 2017. Even though ShoeOnhead was raised in a Catholic family, she admitted to having never believed in God, a stance that her fiance shares as well.

While they each have their separate Youtube endeavors, they both run a channel together titled Shoe & Skeptic. The channel was launched on April 13, 2011, and has garnered over 11 million total views as of June 2019.


What is Shoe0nhead’s Height?

Nothing is known about the Youtuber’s height. By physical observation, she is significantly shorter than her partner Armored Skeptic who stands at a tall height of 6 feet 3 inches. He apparently has no problem’s with June’s height as he has stated that he has no problem dating women much shorter than himself.

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