Sibylle Szaggars – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband (Robert Redford)

Sibylle Szaggars is a German painter who has become renowned for using her art to create awareness on the dangers of climate change. Simply put, she is a multimedia environmental artist. She has also garnered attention in the entertainment world for her marriage to one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, . Here is everything there is to know about her life and career.

Sibylle Szaggars Bio (Age)

Sibylle Szaggars was born on the 14th day of April 1957 in Hamburg, Germany. From her year of birth, Bylle is 21 years younger than her superstar husband Robert Redford. Szaggars has been passionate about painting since she was a little girl.

She painted frequently with watercolours and used her art as a tool to communicate issues that were important to her. While still a young girl, Sibylle Szaggars added the environment to those important issues and began expressing her feelings about them through her painting.

As a young girl who was raised in Europe, she travelled often with family and was able to learn about the varying ways of life of people. Despite the many cultural variations, young Szaggars was able to notice a common denominator – the environment and the connection each of the varying cultures had with it.

At some point in her life, she came to live in the western United States and was able to experience firsthand natural disasters like wildfires, extreme storms and drought and upon noticing the adverse impact it had on the local communities, she decided to use the best tool at her disposal (art) to raise awareness on the issue that is climate change.

Over the years, Sibylle Szaggars has demonstrated the effect of climate change by creating still-life paintings using silk and watercolours. In recent years, she has begun using cell-like imagery in vivid colours.

One of her works that garnered a lot of traction is the performance art piece “The Way of the Rain” The piece was inspired by her longterm interest in the yearly monsoon rains that help make life viable on the high-desert plateaus of the Southwest.

The piece debuted at her husband’s Sundance Film Festival in 2015 as an official selection. Inspired by the success of the piece, Sibylle Szaggars founded The Way of the Rain Inc., a New-Mexico based non-profit organisation which is primarily aimed at bringing awareness to more people about the dangers that modern lifestyle practices have on weather patterns and nature’s most important resource – water.

Szaggars, alongside her husband Redford, who is also a longtime environmentalist, was on June 1, 2018, honoured at the 35th Annual Smith Nature Symposium and Benefit at the Brushwood Center in Riverwoods, Illinois for their leadership in environmentalism.

Net Worth

Sibylle Szaggars has no doubt earned a lot of money from her impeccable arts pieces. However, just how much her incredible talent brings her is unknown to the general public. Some sources have estimated her personal net worth at $1 million. Her husband, on the other hand, has earned a fortune valued at $170 million, thanks to decades of investing in Hollywood. The couple has purchased a number of properties together including Danza del Sol in Nappa, Valley, which was their hideaway for years before they it in 2018 for $7.5 million following Redford’s retirement from acting.


Husband (Robert Redford)

Sibylle Szaggars married Robert Redford in July 2009 in a private ceremony that was held at the Louis C. Jacob Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. Before their wedding, the two had been longterm partners and were said to begin their relationship in the 90s. Shortly after their relationship started, Szaggars moved in with Redford.

Their marriage to each other wasn’t the first on either’s part. Szaggars had previously been married and divorced twice. Her first marriage was to restaurateur Carl-Heinz Szaggars in 1975. Their union lasted for barely 5 years as they divorced in 1980. She then married Friedrich Kurz, a music producer and was with him for a decade before their love waxed cold.

Similarly, Robert Redford was previously married to American historian,  for about 3 decades from 1958 to 1985. They had four children together including actress, director, and producer, Amy Hart Redford.

Following Redford’s retirement, the couple is now based in their 5,500 care eco-friendly estate in Sundance, Utah.

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